The Best Smart Home-Monitored Security System

Last updated: January 21, 2022


Smart Home Security Systems

According to a study, 20% of all U.S broadband users have a security system installed, from which 65% have interactive access and control systems. The trend towards smart systems is ever-increasing as the world embraces IoT integrations. 

So, what determines the best of the smart home security systems? It should take into account the following: flexibility, reliability, smart integrations, and affordability. Not to mention, most of us would probably be looking for the best home security system with cameras along with remote control smart integrations.

To help you decide which security system is right for you, we’ve made a list of the best home security systems.


It is probably the most popular and oldest home security system in the US, with options for 24/7 monitoring and smart integrations like Google Assistant, Z-Wave, and Alexa. Its monitoring system covers the outdoors as well as indoors. It has earned its reputation as one of the best self-monitored home security systems, although in terms of affordability, its monitoring features are on the higher end.


Another one of the top-rated, albeit expensive, smart security systems, Vivint offers remote access through an app on your phone. Some users would find the most comfort in its real-time monitoring video feed. It also learns your routine and automatically sets the alarms. The system is well-liked for its quick incident response time too.

Front Point

Although relatively new, it is climbing up the ladder of popular home security systems. Front Point is yet another smart-features-integrated system. It appears to cover all the smart security system basics. It includes window and door sensors, hub, keypad, and live video monitoring of the house from its mobile app.

Wyze Home Monitoring 

It features on the list of more affordable security systems that have some smart integrations like Alexa and Google Assistant. It also allows for professional monitoring.


If you are looking to set up your smart home with a fully automated home security system, then this is for you. Abode has indoor security cameras and is integrated with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Apple, IIFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It’s one of the best DIY home security systems with smart integrations.

For all of us, the most valuable possession is probably our home, which is why we ought to protect it with the best possible measures. For homeowners, this includes home insurance too. Home insurance is reduced by 5% – 20% when you install a home security system. The ratings and features are out there, but ultimately which security monitoring system is best is what meets your needs. 

Do you have a smart home security system installed? In your opinion, what is the best smart home monitored security system?

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