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Best Home Security Products for People On a Budget

Everyone wishes to secure their home, but with all the pricey high-tech security kits out there, how can you manage to secure your house and home within a budget? Security experts weigh in to bring you a comprehensive list of all you can do for security without emptying your wallet.


“Home protection is important all year, but the costs will easily add up. Security devices of all types, including lights, cameras, touch sensors, and other products that do not require specialized installation, are becoming more affordable. That means you can keep your home and everything in it secure, as well as your bank account in good shape. If you’re less worried about recording individual rooms and more focused on tracking your home’s entryways, the security sensor kit may be a closer choice for you. Wyze is the best option for you, a $20 protection package that includes a bridge (which attaches to the Wyze WiFi camera and allows the systems to communicate), two-door/window sensors, and one motion sensor. Regardless of the price, this security package is a good buy. For a tiny apartment or only checking the front and back doors, these smart home security kit systems may keep you solidly secured with motion detection for very little money, removing the need for professional monitoring or poor customer service, or a false alarm.” 

Charles McMillan, Founder, Stand With Main Street


Simplisafe is an excellent choice for budget-savers because it allows you to avoid monthly fees. Besides that, they also manufacture the equipment themselves, which means that you don’t have to worry about ridiculous markup prices. The equipment is also easy-to-use, and also completely tamperproof. Moreover, installation can be DIY, as the equipment comes wire-free, so they are easy to remove and reinstall in the event that you relocate. The basic Simplisafe setup costs about $200.”

Eden Cheng, Founder, WeInvoice

“In a nutshell, the Best Home Security on Budget is SimpliSafe. Just ask the US News & World report. It is a DIYer’s dream. There are no monthly fees, unless you want monitoring which is $0.83 per day. There are also no installation costs nor any contract fees. They run between $99.00 and $489.00 new with 25 to 30% off a refurbished one. Wireless and Cellular, DIY Installation, Intrusion Protection, Environmental Protection, and has a Remote Control. The system is the Best there is for a person who wants a quality Security System without the massive cost of Home Security Protection Companies.”

Eric Nerhood, Premier Property Buyers, Owner/President

Amazon Echo Dot. 

“This product is Alexa Guard ready which could function as an ear whenever you’re away from your home. At a fairly cheap price of $25, you will have access to these useful features. Alexa Guard can identify alarms, sounds of humans or pets, and any unfamiliar noises. Alexa Guard will notify you through mobile alert when these things occur. This is a fair choice of security product to consider when you’re on a tight budget.”

 Robert Johnson,  Founder Sawinery

Some More Security Products

Cove comes with two setup plans: basic and plus, which both include 24/7 monitoring and cellular backup, Alexa and Google integration, motion detectors, etc. They also provide affordable equipment too, which makes it a particularly affordable choice, especially if you live in a small home or apartment. But what makes it so unique is that they don’t actually offer any packages. Instead, you can just pick out your preferred setup, component by component, so you don’t have to end up paying for anything you don’t need.” says WeInvoice Founder Eden Cheng. He also recommends Frontpoint as another option, “Frontpoint offers a slightly more extensive package deal than SimpliSafe in regards to equipment and features. With this choice, no contract is required and with the array of features available, it’s a great choice for those looking for extra security at an affordable cost. It provides both indoor/outdoor video surveillance, home automation, and even environmental monitoring. Plus, the whole setup is wire-free so you can conduct installation by yourself. The Frontpoint starter set comes at an affordable price of $99.” For a smart security system, Cheng suggests Adobe, “Abode is a DIY installation security provider that allows a no-contract home security plan. After buying equipment, you can monitor and control the system with a free mobile app that gives you access to home cameras, lights, and more. The cheapest security set that they offer is their Smart Security Kit that is priced at about $189.”

Security when on a Budget

To truly secure your home, you need proactive security measures alongside the security products, “If you are on a budget but need to add some protection to your home the start with an approach that is financially layered. The initial focus needs to be on cost-free maintenance tasks and then ramped up to high-impact low-budget purchases. Doors followed by windows are still the primary access point for criminals. This then should be your primary focus.” Security Adviser Jason Mordecai recommends maintenance and procedure tasks, “Clear garden bushes and low-level branches and create good lines of visibility. You should be able to see clearly out of your windows day and night. Repair fences, signage, and borders to give the impression that the property is well monitored. Update neighborhood phone lists and text groups. Store easy to grab electronics in the center of the home and keep them away from windows. Do not leave keys in door locks.”

Mordecai also suggests modifying & upgrading the weak points in your house, “Insert long wood screws (3 inch) into door hinges and strike plates. Strengthen door frames. Door frame kits are commercially available. If your door has a letterbox then add a letterbox shield or remove the letterbox. Add window locks onto all ground-level windows.

If you already have a house alarm, ensure that you have door contacts on all ground level and garage doors. Add additional bolts and locks onto all doors (not just the front door). Upgrade your door locks to a deadbolt system.”

As far as security purchases go, Mordecai recommends, “Dogs still function as one of the top security interventions, the next best value for money security tools is lighting. Consider motion-activated solar lighting that acts as a call to action and does not impact your power bill. Light up door areas, and don’t neglect alleyways on the side of a home. CCTV systems only centeralue if they can be set to trigger an alert on a phone or monitoring centre.”

Security Adviser Jason Mordecai, Operations Director of the SMS Security Group and the key contributor to the Security Adviser Blog.

Securing your house and home from outside threats doesn’t need to be expensive. The valuable advice and suggestions by these experts and professionals can help you gain that budget-friendly security. No one should have to compromise on security.

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