Best Wired Security Cameras [2024]

Last updated: January 5, 2024

You might find it helpful to understand how a wired security camera system works if you decide between a wired and wireless security system. Security systems that are wired use cables for the power, for the internet connection, and for transmitting video to a monitor or local storage device.

Even though it may seem like many wires, wired cameras typically have two. You connect it to the router via a wire connecting to the recorder or monitor. This allows both video transmission and internet connection.

In addition to the first cable, a second cable connects the device to the power source, usually a wall outlet. Several PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras provide power and an internet connection over a single Ethernet cable. That’s all there is to camera wiring.

Top Five Wired Security Cameras In 2024

We have chosen the following five wired security cameras as our top five.

1. Lorex – Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera


  • Video Quality (HD or 4K, depending on the model)
  • The ability to see in color at long distances
  • There are many options for equipment and bundles
  • An industry leader in the field of home security


  • The Lorex website is difficult to navigate
  • False notifications occasionally occur
  • There are no options for professional monitoring

Lorex security cameras are some of the most powerful and technologically advanced wired and wireless security cameras on the market today. A feature-rich wired HD video camera system from Lorex provides 4K resolution, night vision, cloud connection, and apps, as well as the ability to record and playback simultaneously from different streams.

However, like any other brand, Lorex has been experiencing problems when firmware updates are rolled out. Although Lorex remains one of the best camera manufacturers in the world, its cameras are not without their limitations.

Night Vision

Nocturnal cameras, as the name suggests, have excellent night vision, making them some of the best-wired cameras. It is possible to see 150 feet in complete darkness with only streetlights as an illumination source.

It is already impressive for an outdoor camera to have a 100-foot night vision range, so 150 feet is beyond normal. Then again, night vision is nothing if it can’t see small details. With Lorex cameras, you can enlarge images and still see plates, identifiers, and other details.

Using Lorex, you can record continuously with motion-activated alerts instead of only choosing between continuous and motion-activated recordings. Additionally, Lorex cameras are known for being highly reliable and never going down. This type of advanced security camera system won’t come cheap, though.


Depending on the camera system, Lorex offers two cameras for $139.99 up to four dome cameras for $799.99, with 150 feet of night vision and 2TB of storage. With an eight- to the sixteen-camera system, each camera costs about $100, so the price can reach over a thousand dollars.

The scalability and customization of Lorex make it a great choice. There are sub-$150 systems available if you need a few cameras to protect your front yard and backyard. The Lorex system can also protect large properties or buildings with 16 cameras.

Motion Sensitive Cameras

In addition to their motion-sensitive cameras and advanced pixel detection, Lorex’s customers also appreciate their exceptional customer service. A variety of accessories are also offered by Lorex, including various LED-backlit LCD security monitor sizes, audio-enabled dome security cameras, AC power supply adapters, and high-performance BNC video/power cables.

2. Ring – Best Alexa Compatible Wired Security Camera System


  • Video in HD 1080p
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Settings that can be customized to meet your needs
  • Night vision with infrared technology
  • Best if used with Alexa


  • Missed motions occasionally
  • Neither 2K nor 4K video resolutions are supported
  • It’s easy to add up equipment costs


With innovative products that improve your home’s security and ease your life, Ring is the pioneer of smart video doorbells and security cameras. If you prefer to use wired security cameras, Ring offers wired Spotlight Cams and Stick Up Cams.

Featuring some of the best features in the industry, the Ring indoor/outdoor wired cameras have quite a bit of versatility. Ring cameras come in white or black and feature built-in speakers, wide-angle camera lenses, night vision, sirens, and 1080p HD video with exceptional clarity.


There is a $199 price tag for the Spotlight Cam Wired and a $179 price tag for the Stick Up Cam Wired. You can get 0% financing through Affirm in 3-, 6-, or 12-month installments if you qualify.

If you want to save even more money, you can purchase camera bundles that include multiple cameras in one pack. In other words, you get a bigger discount if you purchase more.

It’s not just that Ring makes good hardware. Especially if you are interested in smart home devices, this device also excels on the software front.

Voice Control

A few years ago, Amazon, which brought us, Alexa, purchased Ring, resulting in an interesting integration of the voice assistant with Ring’s cameras. The Ring cameras can be controlled by your voice with Alexa speakers, displays, or Fire TVs.

Even your door can be answered without a smartphone when you ask Alexa for live footage, details of a recent motion event, and to give you the latest motion event news.

3. ADT – Best Complete System With Wired Security Camera


  • User-friendly, intuitive application
  • Monitored 24/7 by professionals
  • Backup via cellular network
  • With over 145 years of experience in security
  • Integration of Google Home


  • Subscriptions must be for three years
  • Installing yourself is not recommended
  • Self-monitoring is not available
  • A 1080p HD resolution is the highest possible

Both indoors and outdoors, ADT offers high-quality security cameras. ADT’s ability to offer one of the best home security packages in the industry makes them so attractive. With 145 years of experience in the security industry, ADT offers 24/7 professional monitoring and intuitive apps.

Two-way Audio And Video

An outdoor and indoor camera is included with ADT’s video doorbell. In addition to having two-way audio and 720p HD video, the cameras also feature person detection. However, the doorbell does not have 720p HD video.


A dust-tight IP65 rating means both devices resist low-level water jets and dust. They are capable of withstanding temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero with the help of their built-in heaters. Home security is elevated to a new level when ADT’s cameras are integrated into its security system.


Additionally, you can receive notifications and insights about your home security using ADT’s security sensors. If you receive an alert that a door has been opened, you can see the video from the cameras. You can also call the police immediately if you need help with ADT’s systems because they are connected to a monitoring center.

4. Google Nest – Best Indoor Wired Security Camera


  • Full HD 1080p resolution with HDR
  • Integrated Google Assistant
  • Installation is easy with DIY tools
  • Talking both ways
  • Alerts with intelligent audio


  • There is a relatively high price for this product
  • These wired cameras do not have a battery option
  • The process of processing and recording video can be time-consuming

Night Vision

Using Google Nest, you no longer need to stick to wired security cameras in your home. They also offer a range of home automation equipment to complement the cameras.

This Google Nest camera with night vision and 1080p quality video lets you keep an eye on your house from anywhere using a mobile app and live streaming video. The customer support provided by Nest has, however, been criticized by some customers.

Dual Communication

Nest cameras are popular among all owners due to their advanced technology and integration capabilities. This device offers dual-way communication, a live video feed, mobile notifications, a snapshot history of the last three hours, and a 1080p HD resolution.

The company’s new wired cameras offer many of the same features as Nest Cam IQ cameras, despite being discontinued. Considering Nest Cams IQ’s superior IQ, you can expect the new cameras to be no different.


An indoor camera is available for $99.99, while an outdoor camera with floodlights costs $279.99. By buying everything together, you can save money versus buying it separately. You can add third-party Z-Wave compatible products if you want to expand your Nest Cam system.

5. Arlo – Best DIY Wired Security Camera


  • 2K HD video in super high definition
  • Using 100% wireless installation (DIY)
  • Viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • Cancellation of background noise
  • Integrated Third-Party Services


  • Issues with recording delays
  • Home automation with limited capabilities
  • A connection to Ethernet is required to use SmartHub

Easy Installation

The company specializes in wireless security cameras, but it also sells wired cameras. Because they plug directly into your computer or phone, Arlo’s wired cameras require no installation.

For people who live in apartments or similar living situations, Arlo cameras are an excellent choice because they are extremely portable and easy to maneuver. You can install Arlo wired or wireless cameras in a matter of minutes with the kits with all the tools you need.

There are some basic smart features of the Arlo wired cameras, such as remote control using a companion app, HD quality videos, smart alerts, and integration with third-party devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Stringify, but they aren’t the most affordable cameras out there.


Adding outdoor wireless cameras to the Arlo Essential, which starts at $129.99, can quickly increase the costs. Arlo also offers Smart Plans for the storage of video recordings. You can choose from Arlo’s video storage plans ranging from $2.99 to $14.99 per month, depending on whether you want your video to be recorded continuously or only when motion is detected.

Wireless Cameras

Mixing and matching wired and wireless cameras are one of the great things about Arlo. Wireless, battery-powered cameras work better in some locations than wired cameras, while wired cameras work better in others.

Depending on the size of your front yard, you may be able to get away with wireless cameras that don’t require power or Ethernet cables. There are several wire-free cameras from Arlo that can be used along with the company’s wired cameras.

Home security cameras are a great investment, especially for people who often go out for the holidays or commute long distances for work. Also consider getting the best outdoor security camera, one that can withstand extreme weather conditions. To learn more about the top 6 secure places to hide valuable things at home, please visit

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