What Is The Cost Of A Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Last updated: January 21, 2022


A home alarm monitoring service is a collaboration of so many services like installation services, activation services, and some other. Let’s take a look at them to get an idea about the cost of a home alarm monitoring service.

Alarm System Installation Costs

Installation costs are typically $120 to $600, depending on the system you choose. Wired systems will cost more, but wireless systems come with a higher price tag for components because of their upfront costs.

A basic alarm system for your home will come with 2-3 window/door sensors and cost around $40 per sensor. Adding on smart features like heat controls or light switches can add up to the installation costs, so keep that in mind as well when choosing a package plan.

Activation Fees

Before getting a security system, you should read the contract carefully and compare different service agreements. You also may need to pay an activation fee when signing up, which can range from free to $200, depending on your chosen company. Some companies offer no activation fees but charge higher monthly rates or have hidden fees in their contracts, so it’s important that you check over everything before making any decisions.

Other Services and Fees

You should read your contract in detail, as most security companies generally use the least expensive package to catch people’s attention. However, this may not be a good system for your home, and you need to look at the upgrades and additional equipment along with their costs – which are often hidden within the contract.

Smart Locks and other Smart Home Features

While there are many useful and affordable upgrades for a modern smart home, only a couple of them are essential for security purposes. These include locks, thermostats, lighting control, etc.

Smart lighting is a security upgrade that’s available for $15 to $90. This addition allows you to control your lights remotely, making it appear like someone’s home even when they aren’t there. Criminals are less likely to break into homes with smart light timers or through smartphone apps while owners are on vacation—it can be done from anywhere in the world!

Smoke, fire, and CO2 alarms may be something you don’t think about until it’s too late. These are the difference between a little damage or complete disaster if fires break out anywhere inside your home.

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Is alarm system monitoring worth it?

Most security experts recommend professional monitoring because self-monitoring poses significant safety risks, primarily due to the fact that it is impossible for one person to monitor their system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Does having a burglar alarm reduce insurance?

Unfortunately, no guarantee installing an alarm will reduce your premium. Even if it does, the cost of installation and maintenance may not outweigh its benefits in some cases.

Which burglar alarm system is best?

Top 10 Best Burglar Alarms for Peace of Mind This Winter

  • Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit IA-320.
  • Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm Pro Kit.
  • Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Plus IA-330.
  • ERA HomeGuard Smart Alarm Pro – Superior Kit.
  • Yale HSA-6610 Smart App Alarm Kit.
  • ERA Protect Alert Smart Alarm System.

What is the best inexpensive home security system?

Here are the top 5 cheap home security systems

  • Ring Alarm: Best overall.
  • Wyze: Cheapest pro monitoring.
  • Kangaroo: Budget pick.
  • Abode: Best for smart homes.
  • SimpliSafe: Best monitoring.
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