The Latest Trends to Protect Your Home From Intruders


With modern-day criminals becoming more tech-savvy and daring, we must equip ourselves with the latest tools and technologies to safeguard our homes. The rise in package theft and car theft, both carried out with the help of wireless devices, is a cause for concern. To counteract these risks, homeowners are turning towards smart home security systems that offer remote access and enterprise-grade protection.

In this new home security era, our families’ safety is paramount. The trend towards more sophisticated security measures is a positive step forward in ensuring that intruders are deterred and homeowners can sleep soundly at night, knowing their loved ones are safe and protected. Read on for our top four security trends right now.

The adoption of cloud storage 

Cloud storage offers unparalleled ease of access and storage capacity, allowing homeowners to study video and audio footage remotely without needing to be physically on the premises. This provides a sense of security and peace of mind that was previously unavailable.

In addition to convenience, cloud storage offers another crucial advantage over traditional storage methods like tapes or SD cards – it eliminates the risk of experienced intruders targeting physical storage devices. By storing footage in the cloud, homeowners can be confident that their security footage is safe from theft or tampering.

But cloud storage isn’t just limited to video footage. It can also store other important data, such as alarms, sensors, and additional security system information. This allows for a centralized, easily accessible repository of all home security data, making it easier for homeowners to manage and monitor their security systems.

Technology rules security, whether for your home or SmartHome tech, to protect short-term rentals. If you’re still relying on outdated home security methods, such as leaving keys under flower pots, it’s time to upgrade to a more modern solution. With the latest smart lock technology, you can take deadbolt security to the next level and provide authorized access to visitors or family members more securely and conveniently.

A better way to lockup

Smart locks come with various access methods, including contact-based methods like biometric fingerprint scans, Smart PINs, eKeys, or card readers. Alternatively, contactless methods like smartphone apps, facial recognition, or voice control offer even greater convenience and ease of access.

But smart locks aren’t just about security – they also offer a range of features that make them more user-friendly than traditional locks. For example, you can easily grant temporary access to guests or service providers and even set up an automatic lock and unlock schedule based on your daily routine. If you are planning an outdoor renovation, be sure to think about your locks and how your home is accessed from all entry points (like the backyard).

AI & IoT in the home

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are now a big part of home security. Cameras can now use advanced algorithms to differentiate between an actual threat and a harmless passerby, ensuring that false alarms are kept to a minimum. 

Smart alarms can also analyze video and audio data to determine the most appropriate emergency service to call during a fire or other emergency. As these technologies evolve and become more accessible, we can expect greater convenience, safety, and customization in our homes.

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