How To Wire A Motion Sensor Light

Last updated: January 21, 2022


When you buy a new home to live in, there might be some great fixtures that you need to stay there and don’t want to change to them. Probably they do not have an attached motion sensor. Well, if this is the case, you can wire an existing motion sensor.

In order to create a motion light setup, you don’t need to be an electrician. It is very easy. You can install a motion sensor without hiring an electrician or pulling the lights apart. Do you want to know how? All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Before starting anything, ensure that the main power is turned off.
  • Now with the help of a volt detector, test the wires to ensure that they are dead. Now remove their cover.
  • Take off the insert now so that you can install the motion sensor inside.
  • Run all the mandatory wires to the light fixture, then add a motion sensor to the light.
  • Now take the hot wire into the motion sensor and tie the neutral wires together.
  • Once you are done, adjust the sensor sensitivity wherever you want.
  •  Now close the things and turn on the power. 

Benefits of a motion sensor on your outdoor lights

There are so many benefits of installing a motion sensor on the outdoor light. Outdoor light is helpful, especially when you arrive late at night at home. Your outdoor light with a motion sensor will automatically turn on to welcome you.

With the motion sensor lights, whenever you walk in, the light automatically turns on. There is no need to struggle in the dark to find your keys. I believe motion sensor light is a must-have, especially in your outdoor space near the entrance door.

The main benefit of motion sensor light is increased security. Motion sensor lights will automatically turn on whenever a burglar enters your home, and your CCTV camera will detect the burglar.

The lights will scare the thief, and he may run back without doing any robbery. We suggest you go for the motion sensor lights for your home.

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Can I connect red and black wires together?

If the red and black wires are already connected together, then yes, you can do that. Otherwise, don’t.

How do you bypass motion sensors?

Motion detectors usually have an override mode. This is done by flipping the wall switch on or off. When you put the switch in override mode, we have seen that it reverts back to motion the next day.

How do you connect a sensor light?

 Connect the white, red, and black wires to the wall wires. Now twist the hot black wires together and screw them tight. Repeat the process for neutral red and white wires.

What do I connect the red wire to?

In places like a bathroom or wall light, you’ll see a red wire. It’s connected to the switch and not normally seen in ceiling fans because of safety concerns.

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