5 Ways to Choose the Right Home Security System

Last updated: January 21, 2022


The founder of Heart & Home Real Estate, John Romito, shared, “Every home is different, and home security systems need to be adaptable and upgradeable to meet the needs of a given family in a given home.” For him, the road to finding the right security system begins by asking the right questions.

Romito added: “While intruder detection is a paramount consideration, so is fire and carbon monoxide detection, as well as sprinklers and other disaster prevention precautions.” Ultimately, a proper home security system encompasses these aspects, all while staying within a predetermined price range.

We’ve interviewed other experts on the home security front and asked them about their opinions regarding other factors to consider when choosing the ideal residential safety system. Here are their answers: 

1. Pick One with a Reliable Independent Cloud System

Get one with an independent cloud system or one that does not rely on your broadband connection. This makes your security system even more secure because it can still send you alerts even if your internet connection is dead. Additionally, it prevents intruders from tampering with it.

Oliver Baker (Co-founder and Managing Director, Intelvita)

2. Read Product Reviews

Check out the reviews for local companies via your preferred review platform, we like Google as it seems the least biased. Also, call and ask how far out they’re scheduling their service appointments. Inquire about what brands of hardware and smartphone app control software a company uses and check in to reviews/complaints about the hardware and how reliable it is and how easy to use. Finally, compare three companies—if possible—on their pricing to make sure everything’s fairly priced. You don’t necessarily have to go with the lowest, but it’s good to know what market rates are for your area.

– Louis Wood (Home Security Expert, Law Security)

3. Decide on the Type of Emergency Security Alert

Choosing the right kind of home security system is very crucial especially in these times of crisis. They come with a huge range of benefits apart from protecting your house and yourself. So, there are various factors that you should consider while choosing your next home security system. One of those would be emergency alerts. Most security systems pride themselves in mobile access. But staying connected all the time can be frustrating, as you’re not always available on-call for these alerts. So, you need a professional monitoring system that can contact the police and/or the fire department at the time of emergencies.

Jennifer Will (Editor, Etia.com)

4. Select Ideal Components and/or Features

You can choose between any number of home security packages and you can even combine them to get the best result. But before you do any of that, you need to figure out what kind of component you want to be part of your security system. For example, if you want to verify people requesting entry to your house, you can install a smart doorbell with a motion sensor. It can help you verify people who request entry to your home by activating a camera placed near your door.

Josefin Bjorklund (Topp Casino Bonus)

5. Settle on a Specific Monitoring System and Budget

Decide whether you want 24/7 professional monitoring, self-monitoring, or both. Some companies require professional monitoring, while some don’t offer it at all. Also, some companies charge extra for self-monitoring, so take those costs into your bottom line. Furthermore, there are some security systems that require or offer professional installation, usually for a fee of around $100. However, some systems you’ll be able to install yourself to save money.

Aliza Vigderman (Content Manager, Center Field)

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