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Best Home Security System Without Monthly Fee

Who needs to pay a monthly fee when you can afford the up-front cost of purchasing an alarm system? Every year, new entries into home security systems are being developed and available that operate at no upfront costs. We’ve narrowed down the best home security system without a monthly fee.


SimpliSafe has been a leader in do-it-yourself home security systems for as long as their name suggests. They were the first company to sell affordable wirelessly monitored systems, making it simple and easy for us customers to keep ourselves safe. More than ten years since establishing themselves at the top of the field, they have seen successive advancements that make installation even more accessible, along with low prices that will help you stay protected without breaking your bank account!

SimpliSafe equipment has been carefully designed to give you a sense of security. It is one of the best home security systems. If an intruder breaks in, the cameras will start recording and send alerts that your system is being triggered so they can be caught on camera before doing any harm. For extra peace of mind, we also set up our smoke detectors with SimpliSafe’s detection systems!


Abode is another top choice for no-contract home security. We started with a simple system that was affordable and easy to use. We easily built on it by adding lots of advanced features as our needs grew, such as environmental monitoring, voice commands, automation – the sky’s the limit! Compared to SimpliSafe who only offers one type of plan or package deal which starts at $229 per month (not including any add-ons!) Abodes offer something for every budget.

Setting up our new abode system couldn’t have been easier: all you need is an internet connection and your phone in order to set up both camera(s) & alarm systems together within minutes using their quick install option.

Ring Alarm 

Ring, the company recently acquired by Amazon, launched with a focus on doorbell security cameras. They make five versions of these devices designed for homes and businesses alike: control panels, standard security cameras, bright lights, and more. While you could have just purchased their products alone or as part of one curated kit they offer to build your system from scratch, most chose this option instead!

The Ring has a range of compatible third-party devices (e.g., Schlage smart locks) and Amazon Alexa, so with Ring, your home is virtually tied into one system that can do it all:

  • Guard against intruders
  • Monitor the environment
  • Automate our home

For no monthly fee, we self-monitored our system with the Ring mobile app. It connected neighbors, police, and Ring operators for community crime prevention and reporting.


We all know that Arlo is the best, but we wanted to find out how good it was. After considering its diverse lineup of high-quality video baby monitors and weatherproof cameras; as well as their top choice status when it comes to home security cameras – with prices starting at $2.99 per month per camera, DIY monitoring options available (you’ll need an account), and no contract required–it only made sense why they are a favorite among homeowners looking for protection from intruders or scouting out potential hazards in any given area!


What security cameras work without a subscription?

Best DIY Home Security Systems With No Monthly Fee

  • #1 ADT.
  • #2 Vivint.
  • #3 Abode.
  • #4 SimpliSafe.
  • #5 Nest.
  • #6 Arlo

Can a spy camera work without wifi?

CCTV cameras don’t need the internet to operate, and they can even function when there is no power. Although an Internet connection does have its benefits, it’s not a necessity for these devices.

What’s better, Ring or SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe and Ring are both excellent companies that offer different packages for your needs. SimpliSafe has a 3-year warranty with a 60 day trial period. At the same time, the lower price of Ring only provides one year of protection from damage or theft along with an additional 30 days to return it if you’re not satisfied in any way.

How much does home security cost a month?

Today, the average cost for home security system monitoring services ranges from $15 to $35/month. The upfront cost of equipment typically ranges anywhere from 100-250, and monthly costs can be as low as 10 per month!

What is the most accessible home security camera system to install?

The Abode iota is a convenient and easy-to-use security system. It includes various features such as a 1080p camera, motion sensor, multiple wireless radios, built-in siren with support for third-party devices like Alexa or Google Assistant that makes it possible to control the thermostat from your phone!

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