Top 8 Common Home Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

Last updated: January 26, 2022


We often set some security measures for our home and assume we have done our best and it is sufficient to deter criminals. However, there are some common mistakes made that can immediately make our home vulnerable and render our security measures useless. 

We talked to the experts, who advised we avoid these top common mistakes in securing our home;

  1. Getting Your Dog To Stop Barking

Some dog owners teach their dogs not to bark every time the doorbell rings. However, doing so may put your home at risk of being broken into. If intruders hear loud barking from the inside, they are less likely to regard your home as an easy target. Dogs are also capable of detecting prowlers on your property and will alarm you. Don’t train your dog to go against his or her instincts as a deterrent to house invasions; I am convinced. 

Nick Edwards, Director at Snow Finders

2. Publishing Your Holiday Plans On The Internet

While social media can be a terrific place to show off your excitement for your planned vacation, it can also be used against you. Many burglars are now using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to research potential targets before committing a crime. They know how much time they have to rob your home if they see you’ll be gone for a few weeks. 

While it may be entertaining to tell everyone you’re going to Disney World in a few weeks, keep it to yourself to lessen your chances of a house invasion, I believe. 

Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency

3. Oversharing Your Details on Social Media

The commonest home security mistakes are probably the most glaring, but some are so subtle that people often don’t think of them as mistakes. For instance, oversharing the details of your home on social media is quite frequent, and it’d be debilitating from a security standpoint.

Sharing your home on Facebook or Instagram is not a strange thing, but it’s not advisable. 

While your friends may be appreciative of your home’s beauty, the chances of a burglar using this same information to target your house are quite high. Burglars, just like everyone else, have learned to use social media for information on their next targets.

As a rule, one should avoid sharing content on expensive home purchases or sharing their vacation. Both instances portend real opportunities for anyone who’d want to break into your house.

Alina Clark Co-Founder & Marketing Director CocoDoc

4. Abundance Of Foliage At Property’s Entrances

The most common home security mistake that I have encountered in my career is an abundance of foliage at property’s entrances. When you obscure the view of your entrance, you are allowing burglars to get through undetected in most circumstances. Or, they can hide in the foliage and wait for you to exit the property, all while remaining undetected. Do not block any entrance with foliage. 

Leonard Ang, CEO iPropertyManagement 

5. Trusting Smart Locks

One home security mistake you should avoid is to put your trust in smart home locking systems. You still need to personally and manually check if your locks are in place. I have encountered several instances where smart locks malfunction and put risks on the inhabitants, especially after a system update that has been overlooked.

Stephen Keighery, CEO and Founder of Home Buyer Louisiana

6. Lack Of Protective Fencing Around Outdoor Features

If you are looking to upgrade your backyard with a pool or patio set, make sure you get ample protective fencing to keep unwanted visitors from accessing or tampering with these features. When installing fencing, I recommend making it tall enough to mitigate the risk of anyone trying to climb over the fence. 

Fencing options made of aluminum or wire are incredibly affordable and perfect for safety and protection but also lack a certain aesthetic quality. Other fencing options such as mesh fencing can up the value of your home while still keeping you safe and secure. 

7. No Motion-Sensor Lighting around the perimeter of the home

Motion sensor lighting is incredibly easy to install and the perfect deterrent for possible burglars, as it catches them by surprise and throws them off guard. You should have this kind of lighting installed at all major entrances of your home and around any major features such as swimming pools are patio sets. Basically, anywhere a burglar can find a good hiding spot.

Michael Dean, Co-Founder at Pool Research

8. Keeping the Porch Lights Off

One thing to remember about thieves is that they almost never rob in broad daylight. Many of them prefer to move around at night and avoid being observed. Some homeowners make the mistake of turning off the porch light at night. While some may believe that wearing it will have no effect, there is evidence to the contrary. 

Assume a burglar was looking to rob a residence late at night and desired not to be spotted. Would they select a property where the front lights are turned on, and they run the danger of being seen? No, it would be easier for them to pick a dark-colored house. However, turning on the front lights will not always serve as a deterrent. However, it can still serve as a deterrent to offenders. Leaving the porch lights on is a wise option that will increase the security of your home.

Shiv Gupta, CEO of Incrementors Digital Marketing

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