How To Remove Hardwired Alarm Systems?

Last updated: December 15, 2022


A hardwired alarm system sure seems complicated and tricky. In this article, we will simplify the process of removing a hardwired alarm system. Below are tips on how you can do it successfully:

  • Consult Your Alarm Company
  • Siren Circuits
  • Disconnect Control Panels
  • Check The Battery Packs
  • Things To Do With Wiring

1. Consult Your Alarm Company

Alarm systems connected to the monitoring service automatically notify the authorities whenever a wire is cut, or the power supply is disconnected. So it is better to consult your alarm company first before making any changes to your alarm system

2. Siren Circuits

Some security systems have sirens on a separate circuit. These are designed to alert the authorities that an intruder is hacking the alarm system. Intruders disconnect the power supply to shut the alarm off, but as the sirens are connected on a separate circuit, the alarm will still go on. 

Therefore, when removing hardwired alarm systems, remember to disconnect the power from both the security system and the siren circuit.

3. Disconnect Control Panels

In the process of removing hardwired alarm systems, you will need to pull down the control panel once you have removed all the other components. Use the wires left to reconnect to a new control panel or secure them by capping them off. 

4. Check The Battery Packs

If you are only upgrading the current system, you will not need to remove the old battery pack for better efficiency of the alarm system. Battery packs are usually behind the control cabinet of the alarm system. 

5. Things To Do With Wiring

If your wiring is damaged or extremely old, you will need to remove it. Leave the wiring when you’re upgrading to a new system and let the new alarm company determine if they can use the current wiring. If not, let the electrician handle removing the wiring part. 

Moreover, removing a hardwired alarm system has a different process than removing a wireless alarm system. Read Security Forward’s article to learn more about the differences between a wired and a wireless home security system.

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