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Do Physical Security Systems Really Protect Your Business? 

Business owners have enough stress within the working, the last thing anyone needs is sleepless nights worried if the office is protected against intruders. According to a study from one of the leading insurance brokers in the USA, up to 9% of small businesses suffer a burglary of some form. Whilst commercial security is always improving, some still neglect the facts that businesses are always at risk.

Regardless of the sector, your business needs to be protected. Whether it is from data breaches, burglary, or any other form of crime that leaves you at a loss. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of physical security systems and how a small investment today could save you tens of thousands of pounds in the long run. 

Valuables Within Your Business Premises 

There are two main valuables found within every business throughout the world, equipment, and data. In industries such as insurance, digital marketing, and banking the value of the data you store may outweigh the value you hold in equipment. In other industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce the equipment hold the most value

It goes without saying that the best way to keep your valuables equipment safe is by implementing a physical security system such as CCTV, alarms, and motion sensors but what might come as a surprise to you is that these solutions are also perfect for helping to keep your data secure too. 

Of course, internal processes will need to be in place to ensure your colleagues don’t accidentally leak sensitive data but a frequent forum of data leaks is where the hacker actually enters the premises. If you don’t have the security in place to notify the police when there is a break-in, how do you expect to be protected against a costly data breach? 

Different Physical Security Systems Available

We live in a day and age where they are hundreds of security solutions out there on the market, helping to keep our businesses protected from the unexpected. In this section, we aim to cover a couple of the most popular options available and the key benefits these products bring to your workplace. 

CCTV System – This has to be one of the first points of action when it comes to the business owner looking to improve the overall security of the business. CCTV Cardiff opens up the possibility for you to monitor your business from anywhere. Triggered by the slightest movement or sound, your cameras will start recording and capture valuable information which may lead to you preventing a break-in. You can also deploy ALPR on your CCTV system.

Motion Detectors – Found as a standard in most homes throughout the UK. Motion detectors come in all shapes and size offering added security and when linked up to a light or your alarm system. If there is any unexpected movement within the range of the detector it will send an instant signal which either triggers your security light or your alarm system, notifying anyone who is close to the premises and putting off intruders. 

Intercom Systems – Allowing you to make sure that everyone who enters the building is authorized to be a great way to help keep your business secure. With the constant flow of people coming into your office every day, it can be easy to let to have someone who is unauthorized to enter the building. With an intercom system, you can be 100% that everyone who is in the building has had their details checked are meant to be in there. 

Deterrents For Opertunistic Burglars 

Often burglars will come and scout our an opportunity long before taking breaking in. When it comes to commercial premises it’s a long thought out plan and not a spur of the moment decision. As a result of this, the modern security system can act as one of the best deterrents for Bulgars. Why chose to break into a business that has CCTV covering all angles and motion sensors and intercom where there are many other businesses with less than half the security? 

We hope that this article has helped provide you with a better understanding of physical security systems and how they can help keep your business protected. Now take this knowledge and make your business more secure, let’s work together and protect your business from a break-in. 

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