Best Tasers For Women

Security is an essential life aspect that every person must think about — from our homes, businesses, electronics, and most especially, our bodies. As much as you invest in a USB physical security key as a layer of protection for your computer, you should learn to invest in a self-defense device for yourself, too.

For women, the threat of physical safety and security will never end. Whether she is at work or walking across the street, there’s always the possibility that harassment may occur. For effective self-defense, investing in tasers and stun guns for women is the best choice.

What Are The Different Types Of Tasers For Women?

A taser is an excellent option if you are looking for self-defense products you can carry with you on a daily basis. But did you know that there are a few types of tasers you can choose from? Each suits certain needs and lifestyles, but it’s best to look for the ideal type for you.

Stun Guns

Self-defense stun guns are devices that shoot out two-barbed prongs that stick in the target’s skin and taser them. On average, this gun-like device can stun at a distance of 15 feet, lasting between five to 30 seconds.

Handheld Tasers

Handheld tasers are the most popular type of self-defense device. They are small tasers, usually around six inches, that can be held in the palm of your hand. At its end, there are two electrodes that run a current between them.

Other Tasers

Aside from the two common types, wrap-around options, batons or flashlight tasers are also available. Users can pick a more powerful option or pick an inconspicuous design.

Why Tasers Are Perfect For Everyday Women

When it comes to protection, taser guns are one of the easiest ways to defend yourself. As your dog protects your home, you should also get added protection for your body.

Though it is similar to a firearm, tasers are not as risky as bringing a gun. After all, a gun would still require a deeper understanding and sense of responsibility. Also, it can be dangerous around children and may cause anxiety for people who have not used a gun before.

For women, a taser can be the ideal device for everyday security. It is easy to understand how they work, and they don’t require much practice if you want to use them right. Moreover, tasers are more affordable compared to guns, and you can use them even without applying for a license. Lastly, you can store your taser in your purse or handbag without worrying about the possibility of setting them off.

Best Tasers For Women In 2022

There are multiple taser options for women, and each has something unique to offer. To help you pick the best stun gun for women, go through our compilation of the top ones and see the reasons why we think so.

Product NameVIPERTEK VTS-195 Duty Stun GunSABRE Stun Gun with LED FlashlightVIPERTEK VTS-989 Stun GunTaser Pulse Self-Defense ToolPOLICE Stun Gun 928
PortabilityWrist strap, holsterHolsterWrist strap, HolsterHolster (Bought separately)Wrist strap, Holster
Voltage Capacity59 milliamps1.160 Microcoulombs1,000 milliamps50,000 voltage59 milliamps
BatteryRechargeable batteriesRechargeable batteriesRechargeable batteriesCR213 batteriesRechargeable batteries
Safety MechanismSafety switchSafety switchBattery charge indicator, safety switchSafety switch, laser lightsSafety switch
RestrictionClose contactClose contactClose contactUp to 15 feetClose contact

1. VIPERTEK VTS-195 Duty Stun Gun

  • Portability: Wrist strap, holster
  • Voltage Capacity: 59 milliamps
  • Battery: Rechargeable batteries
  • Audio: Loud zap sound
  • Safety Mechanism: Safety switch
  • Restriction: Close contact

The VIPERTEK VTS-195 59 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun discreetly looks like your usual flashlight, so it’s an ideal pick for those on the hunt for a stealthy stun gun. Anyone would assume you’re holding the usual LED flashlight, but upon close contact, you can give them the shock of their life.

As one of the best tasers for women, this VIPERTEK creation surprises with a good price point. And, like other creations by the brand, it comes with a rechargeable battery that makes it easier to maintain.

Unlike other brands that put a flashlight as a secondary feature, the VIPERTEK VTS-195 places it as the focal feature. If you do frequent evening walks, this is a great choice. Though it won’t last as a dedicated flashlight, many users agree that the combo feature warrants the buy.

Rechargeable; no need to buy replacement batteriesRequires direct contact
Discreet and compactLight is not as durable as others
Brighter flashlight than other brandsNo customer support

2. SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight
  • Portability: Holster
  • Voltage Capacity: 1.160 Microcoulombs
  • Battery: Rechargeable batteries
  • Audio: Loud zap sound
  • Safety Mechanism: Safety switch
  • Restriction: Close contact

The SABRE Stun Gun satisfies as a taser for women. Though it comes from the leading brand of pepper sprays, this stun gun has considerable features, too. It looks a little simple in terms of design, but it has an extreme stopping power at 1.160 microcoulombs, more than enough to protect you in the face of an attacker.

It comes with a 120 Lumen LED flashlight that can disorient a harasser. This SABRE stun gun is also easy to bring with you everywhere. You can place it in your purse or on your  belt loop through its holster.

It is notable that reviews mention it’s not too sturdy. However, the brand promises a lifetime warranty, should you encounter some manufacturing defects.

Bright 120 Lumen LED flashlightHolster quality needs improvement
Built-in rechargeable batteryTwo metal pieces can get loose
Loud enough to scare an attackerSome report charging problems

3. VIPERTEK VTS-989 Stun Gun

  • Portability: Wrist strap, Holster
  • Voltage Capacity: 1,000 milliamps
  • Battery: Rechargeable batteries
  • Audio: Electrical sound
  • Safety Mechanism: Battery charge indicator, On/off switch
  • Restriction: Close contact

If you’re looking for the perfect example for the best stun gun for women, the VIPERTEK VTS-989 sets a solid standard. Though it’s larger than other models at 6.5 inches long, it still fits in the hands well. The finger grips, non-slip rubber coating, and wrist strap help in handling it, too.

As one of the best self-defense stun guns, this model comes with heavy-duty power. It comes with super sharp spike electrodes that can penetrate even thick pieces of clothing. In the end, you also get to access a flashlight to use in dark areas.

If there’s one thing to consider, it’s the higher price this model has over others. However, with tons of glowing reviews from users, the few extra dollars might just be worth it.

Can shock even through thick clothingCan’t shoot at a distance
1 to 2 hours of charging once a monthQuite pricey
Difficult for attackers to grabLarger size than others

4. Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool

Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool
  • Portability: Holster (Bought separately)
  • Voltage Capacity: 50,000 voltage
  • Battery: CR213 batteries
  • Audio: Sound/alarm warning
  • Safety Mechanism: Safety switch, laser lights
  • Restriction: Up to 15 feet shooting

Establish a solid defense while you are out with the Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool. It’s chock full of features that you’d understand its high-end price. Beginners will appreciate the built-in laser to help the user aim better. It can be used up close and up to 15 feet away, which furthers how safe you can be against assailants.

Once you activate the Taser Pulse, the high voltage is sure to immobilize your attack with a 30-second nervous system incapacitation feature. When you purchase this stun gun, you can practice for better protection using the practice target and a battery that’s good for 50 practice shots.

Even better, the Taser Pulse may be integrated with the Noonlight app. It will dispatch law enforcement to your area the moment you pull the trigger.

15-foot shooting rangeExpensive for a stun gun
Easy to aim with laser light guideBatteries have to be replaced
Smartphone app contacts police once you pull the triggerReplacement cartridges are expensive

5. POLICE Stun Gun 928

POLICE Stun Gun 928
  • Portability: Wrist strap, Holster
  • Voltage Capacity: 59 milliamps
  • Battery: Rechargeable batteries
  • Audio: Loud zap sound
  • Safety Mechanism: Safety switch
  • Restriction: Close contact

Are you looking for a heavy-duty stun gun that comes in pink? POLICE Stun Gun 928 is a great pick that delivers power and ease of use. It comes with an LED tactical flashlight that’s more than enough for personal protection and can quickly disorient the attacker from a distance.

Because it only works in close contact, it also comes with features that avoid the chances of it being snatched. Its sides have shock plates on the side of the stun gun, and you will also be able to hold it better through the non-slip rubber coating.

Not bulky and easy to carryHolster needs improvement
Bright flashlightQuickly loses its charge
Loud zap soundNot too durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Tasers are an undeniably helpful self-defense device, but you still have a lot to learn about them. Here are the answers to the most common questions about taser guns.

What should a woman carry for self-defense?

With the rise of robbery and sexual assault, women must have at least one protective weapon wherever they go. Top choices for safety are stun guns, pepper sprays, taser devices, and alarms.

Where is the most effective place to taser someone?

When you use a stun gun, it is crucial to attack the neck, stomach, thighs, and groin. Ensure you choose a point of contact with lots of impacts, a place where there are lots of nerves.

What happens after someone is tased?

When a taser stuns you, you will have a sense of muscle tone loss. Because of the shock and the impact, you will experience the inability to move for a certain time. Generally, tasers are safe aside from leading someone to be immobile.

Stun guns and tasers help women defend themselves from possible harm through electric shock. Moreover, they are affordable, compact, and reusable, a considerable alternative to traditional firearms.

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