Bodyguard to the stars: Decatur graduate has made career of protecting celebrities

Behind every celebrity is typically a bodyguard working to keep them safe.

Sometimes that bodyguard is Adriano “Bubba” Almony.

Almony, 24, is an executive protection officer and has assisted security detains for boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and eyewear designer Corey Woods.

The Hanover, Pennsylvania-born Almony began working in security when he was 17. At the time, he was an Ocean City resident and preparing to graduate from Stephen Decatur High School.

His first experience with security was working at The Dew Tour, an action sports competition that made a stop in Ocean City through 2014. This first job opened Almony’s eyes to a career field that he knew he was meant for.

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“It was something I loved to do,” he said.

Almony said keeping areas safe, protecting people and the overall environment of the field is what continued to drive him to pursue the career. He calls it his purpose and passion.

In Ocean City, Almony’s career continued to grow through security jobs in the resort town ranging from casino work to hotel security.

“I was just kind of using all that to build my resume,” he explained.

A few years later, Almony met SwiftOnDemand in New York City. The two connected instantly and the musical artist asked him if he’d work as his personal bodyguard.

Previously, Almony had only done bodyguard work part-time. He had experience working security detail for Guadagnino when he and his friends would visit Ocean City, Maryland. Almony said.

But working as a bodyguard full-time was new for him. Almony continued to train to be prepared for more and more personal security assignments.

“From there I just started growing, making connections, networking,” he said.

Almony now lives in New Jersey full-time, working with various clients. He also has a partnership with Born Luxury Lifestyle, a transportation service providing vehicles like luxury black SUVs and Teslas.

Other clients of Almony include rapper Young Dolph, the sons of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and working security detail for The National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

On Almony’s Instagram page, multiple friends and clients have given video testimonies about his bodyguard services.

NBA player Dwight Howard said he met Almony a few years ago and the two became friends.

Almony has asked Howard for advice, including how to improve his bodyguard services.

“I’ve seen him grow from that day ’til now,” Howard said in the video.

Howard continued, saying he was happy and proud to see the success and told Almony to continue to keep it up and encourage others.

Along with an extensive martial arts background, Almony is medically trained, plus has close personnel protection training and executive protection officer training. This includes making sure a client gets in and out of locations safely and vehicle training to help with maneuvering vehicles in a high speed or possibly getting out of situations where someone is stalking or following the client, he said.

“There’s a good bit of training that goes into it,” he explained.

Almony also works on learning body language and training with firearms as he can carry in all U.S. states and territories.

But beyong physical training, Almony said character is a big component of being a bodyguard.

“Most importantly, more so than any type of training you have, any type of experience, any type of background, most importantly in this field, you will not last long if you don’t have good character,” he said.

Having a high level of trust and integrity with clients is one of the reasons Almony continues to receive high praise for his work and is consistently asked back by celebrities.

“That’s what’s going to separate you from your competition,” he said.

His advice to others interested in being a bodyguard is to start small in security and decide if it really is for you because it does require a lot of dedication and training.

Looking toward the future, Almony wants to continue to grow as a person and in his profession.

“It’s just really been a big blessing,” he said.

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