Why Cybersecurity Is Important For A Modern Day Society

Last updated: December 10, 2022


While the internet has brought people closer in so many ways, it has also exposed us to different harmful influences. Cyberattacks are growing at the same rate as the cybersecurity solutions that are being developed daily. 

Indeed, cybersecurity is critical in a world where cybercriminals are sophisticated and relentless in their attacks.

Below are the 4 reasons why cybersecurity is important for a modern-day society:

  1. Cost of breaches is rising
  2. Hackers are increasing
  3. Hacking tools are easier to access
  4. Smart devices are getting more popular

1. Cost Of Breaches Are Rising

The reality is that businesses can incur significant costs as a result of cyberattacks. A data breach’s impact is not limited to financial loss or the cost of remediation; it can also have a negative impact on the business’s reputation. Customers may lose trust in a business because of cyberattacks and spend their money elsewhere. Having a poor security reputation can also make it more challenging to win over new contracts.

2. Hackers Are Increasing

Almost every business has a website and publicly accessible systems that criminals can use to access internal networks. That said, companies should anticipate breaches and implement controls that enable them to detect and respond to malicious activity before it causes disruption or damage.

3. Hacking Tools Are Easier To Access

Because hacking tools and programs are readily available on the internet, less skilled individuals are also becoming a threat to businesses. As a result of cybercrime’s commercialization, anyone can get the resources necessary to make damaging attacks such as ransomware.

4. Smart Devices Are Getting More Popular

Each connected smart device presents a potential entry point for cybercriminals into a business if it is not appropriately managed. With the potential for numerous security flaws, it is critical to conduct regular vulnerability assessments to identify and address security issues introduced by these assets.

Cybersecurity approaches are evolving away toward a more data-centric one that emphasizes consistent monitoring and real-time threat assessment. To stay updated on the latest cybersecurity news, check out Security Forward daily.

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