How Does Logical Security Differ From Physical Security

Last updated: November 9, 2021


Logical and physical security are both needed for your business’ access controls. While they complement one another, knowing the differences between the two may help you identify where you fall short as a business. 

Logical Security

Logical security encompasses the software that your business or organization uses for your operating systems. This includes software for logins, user IDs and authentication, password control, access rights, and the like. Controls for logical security may also be within your applications and databases. 

Physical Security

Physical security, on the other hand, is concerned with the measures you deploy to prevent unwarranted access to your organization’s premises, equipment, facilities, property, resources, and the like. This will also protect your employees and personnel from possible attacks or damages. 


To put it simply, both logical and physical security use access control to manage the ins and outs of authorized individuals in an organization. When combined, these are powerful measures for establishing layer upon layer of protection for your business. 


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