Understanding How Layered Defense Is Used in Physical Security

Last updated: January 24, 2022


In physical security, a layered defense approach is vital in making sure that your systems are well-protected. Combining cybersecurity policies with physical security controls, layered defense ensures that every nook and cranny of your organization, both offline and online, is as secure as can be. 


The layered defense approach can be understood as follows:


  • DeterrenceDeterrence means keeping individuals away from your premises. This can be deployed through physical barriers and even technological access control systems.
  • DetectionWith Detection, you can identify the specific risks as they arise, through alarms, notifications, and sensors.
  • Delay – Access controls can pose as roadblocks for intruders, slowing them down before they can cause severe damage.
  • ResponseIn the event that an intruder gains access or a breach occurs, Response will deal with the management of the fallout in the form of contacting stakeholders or locking down the premises.


With a layered approach, you will be able to mitigate threats as they occur at every level. Visit the rest of SIA Online for more tips on

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