Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights

Last updated: January 5, 2024


Small red lights (sometimes other colors) indicate that your security camera is in the process of recording. If you leave the camera on for the rest of the day, the light will also be running for 24 hours. Other cameras, such as the Blink, will only turn on their light when motion is detected, and footage is recorded. In addition, certain cameras have the ability to switch off the light while recording. 

Long before remote viewing and the ability to check and diagnose cameras using a smartphone app, these small lights enabled people — like a security guard — to easily stroll around their property and ensure that all cameras were operational and recording. 

Do All Security Cameras Have Red Lights?

As time passed and security cameras evolved, the requirement for an indicator light persisted. As a result, even consumer-level cameras today include some form of indicator light to indicate that they are recording. 

Do the lights always have to be red? No. Occasionally, these indicator lights will be blue.

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