How To Remove An Old Home Security System

Last updated: January 5, 2024

Are you planning to do a home security upgrade? Before shopping for the best home security cameras, make sure you remove the old home security system properly. Don’t worry — you can easily do it all yourself without damaging your existing circuits and wiring.

For a quick and easy process of removing your home security system, you can easily follow these steps:

1. Connect The Alarm Company

Before you disconnect all home security system components, take time to call your alarm monitoring company. Doing so will let them know that you’re cutting off the wires and moving the components, and there’s no need to call the police.

2. Disconnect The Alarm Sirens

Most of the time, alarm sirens are connected to a different circuit. Before you work on your system, find the circuit of your alarm and disconnect it from its power supply.

3. Remove The Control Panels

You can control your security cameras through the control panels. So, as you remove the other components, make sure you also bring the panel down. You will see the wiring once the panel is removed. Take note, though, that there’s no need to remove the wiring if you’re planning to install a new security system.

4. Remove The Old Batteries

If your batteries are good quality and you’re installing a new system, you can skip this step. However, you can also opt to remove the black and red wires if you want to update them.

5. Remove The Rest Of The Security System

Once the power is fully disconnected, you can feel free to remove the rest of the security system. These things include cameras, sensors, and motion detectors, among others. At this point, take care to remove screws and adhesive components.

Disassembling a home security system is something you can do yourself, but be cautious throughout the process. If you’re incorporating assistive tech in your home, ensure a smooth transition by considering how to safely remove an old home security system. If you’re ready to start installing a new security system, here are the best places to install cameras outdoors.

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