How To Spot Fake Security Cameras

Last updated: January 5, 2024

Security cameras elevate the safety of your home. Sometimes, even the sight of one is more than enough to get people running away. Riding on this belief are people who buy fake security cameras. So, how do you know if a camera is real or fake? Here are things you should look at to check if a security cam’s legit.

1. Light

A solid giveaway of a fake security camera is its recognizable red light. A real camera will have night vision, so when it’s darker or you’re in a place with ambient lighting, the red LED will be more visible and will blink during the dark. Dummy cameras, on the other hand, don’t have light at all or have flashing LED lights even when it’s bright enough to mimic an original camera.

2. Materials

Another way to spot a fake is through cheap materials. Real security cameras are usually made with aluminum covers for waterproofing, while fake ones are made of cheap plastic.

3. Wires

Nowadays, there are also wireless security cameras, whether battery-powered or WiFi-enabled. However, setting them up means either you won’t see wires at all or you’ll see the security camera cables managed well. Fake cameras are usually those that have wiring sticking out.

4. Motion

Some security cameras have motion detection abilities and they start recording once they detect motion. However, they do not actually move or swivel when a camera approaches. Fake security cameras, though, move a lot or rotate back and forth.

5. Branding

Finally, you can also spot fake cameras for the lack of branding on its outside. Real security cameras come with the brand name of the manufacturer, the model name, and the technology or best feature of the model.

The best way to protect your home is still going for real and high-quality security cameras. They can do the job of recording footage and are not just accessories to scare burglars away. If you are looking to purchase a security system, check out the best home security cameras today at Security Forward.

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