SABRE Pepper Spray & 2-in-1 Stun Gun Review: Ultimate Self-Defense Kit?

Last updated: December 11, 2023


Seeking a dependable self-defense solution? The SABRE Pepper Spray & 2-in-1 Stun Gun with Flashlight offers a dual approach to safety. Ideal for various situations like early morning or late-night outings, this kit includes a pepper spray with a 10-foot range and 25 bursts, enhanced with UV marking dye for attacker identification and an ergonomic grip for precision. Additionally, the stun gun, emitting a 1.60 µC charge and equipped with a 120-lumen LED flashlight, is designed for effective defense and versatility. Lightweight yet robust, the kit comes with a belt holster and wrist strap, ensuring easy carry and accessibility.

This detailed review explores the features and benefits of this essential self-defense kit to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of SABRE Pepper Spray & Stun Gun

The SABRE Pepper Spray & 2-in-1 Stun Gun is a top self-defense choice, offering both close and long-range protection. It features a pepper spray with a 10-foot range and 25 bursts, enhanced with UV marking dye and a precise finger grip for better aiming. The stun gun packs a 1.60 µC charge and includes a 120-lumen LED flashlight, making it versatile for personal protection and everyday use. Lightweight yet powerful, this kit is portable with attachments like a key ring for the spray and a belt holster for the stun gun. SABRE also provides training videos and safety tips, making it a favored option among consumers and professionals seeking reliable self-defense in a convenient package.

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Key Features

Industry-Leading Authority And Trust

SABRE is known for being the top choice in pepper spray among both consumers and law enforcement worldwide. Their stun guns are also independently tested to guarantee reliable protection when needed the most. With this in mind, you can trust in the effectiveness of the SABRE Pepper Spray & 2-in-1 Stun Gun with Flashlight Self-Defense Kit.

Enhanced Protection Range

This self-defense kit is designed to provide increased coverage, boasting a powerful stream with a 10-foot radius and 25 bursts. It minimizes wind blowback, making it 5 times more effective for protection—especially against multiple assailants, who account for 42% of crimes committed. Additionally, the flip-top safety feature helps prevent accidental discharge, ensuring optimal safety for users.

Powerful And Painful Deterrence

The SABRE Stun Gun delivers a painful 1.60 µC (Microcoulombs) charge, enacting an extreme stopping power to fend off attackers. It also includes a 120-lumen LED flashlight, enabling users to locate door locks in the dark easily. The rechargeable battery built into the stun gun ensures multiple uses, ensuring longevity and dependability.

Convenience And Accessibility

The kit’s convenience factor is further enhanced by the included wrist strap and holster, making it easy to carry. The pepper spray also features a key ring, providing immediate access when seconds count. The ergonomically designed finger grip enhances aim and helps the user maintain focus on potential threats. Lastly, the SABRE Pepper Spray and Stun Gun training videos and safety tips are included in the package to help users maximize their personal safety.

Pros And Cons


  • Reliable and professional-grade quality, trusted by police and consumers globally.
  • The pepper spray offers 25 bursts and a 10 ft. range, providing five times more protection than other market options.
  • Decreased wind blowback and increased aiming accuracy due to the powerful stream.
  • Flip-top safety feature on the pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge.
  • The stun gun delivers a painful 1.60 µC charge, offering extreme stopping power.
  • Built-in 120 Lumen LED light on the stun gun enhances nighttime safety.
  • The stun gun’s rechargeable battery allows for multiple uses.
  • Kit includes a wrist strap, holster, and key ring for easy access.
  • Access to free SABRE Pepper Spray and Stun Gun training videos for enhanced safety and security.


  • The stun gun lacks a keychain attachment, potentially requiring an additional cover for optimal accessibility.
  • Some users report that the stun gun’s sound differs in person, which may have a negative psychological impact.
  • Despite these minor issues, the SABRE Self-Defense Kit remains highly recommended for personal protection.

Safety Tips And Best Practices

When using the SABRE Pepper Spray & 2-in-1 Stun Gun, it’s essential to employ safety precautions and best practices to ensure effectiveness and avoid accidents. 

  • Never point the pepper spray at yourself or others unintentionally.
  • Keep the flip top safety closed to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Use the ergonomic finger grip for better aim and control.
  • Maintain a 10 ft. distance from attackers while using pepper spray.
  • Do not waste the 25 bursts of pepper spray carelessly.
  • Avoid touching the stun gun’s metal contact points.
  • Regularly charge the stun gun’s built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Use the stun gun’s 120-lumen LED light for visibility in dark areas.
  • Keep the pepper spray and stun gun within reach, using provided attachments and holsters.
  • Utilize SABRE’s free training videos and safety tips for optimal use and preparedness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SABRE 2-in-1 stun gun compare in power to other self-defense options?

The SABRE stun gun delivers a painful 1.60 µC (microcoulombs) charge, making it an effective self-defense tool. While it may not have the highest charge available in the market, it provides reliable protection when you need it the most.

What features does the SABRE stun gun flashlight offer for personal protection?

The SABRE stun gun flashlight offers a 120-lumen LED light for visibility and deterrence, a rechargeable battery for repeated use, and includes a wrist strap and holster for easy carrying. Additionally, free training videos and safety tips are provided to enhance personal safety.

Can the SABRE pepper spray be used effectively in self-defense situations?

Yes, the SABRE pepper spray is designed for effective self-defense. It delivers 25 bursts and has a 10 ft range, ensuring a powerful stream from the nozzle to the target’s eyes while decreasing wind blowback. The flip-top safety feature helps prevent accidental discharge, and the key ring and easy-to-grasp finger grip enhance aim and accessibility.

What is the price range for SABRE pepper spray guns?

SABRE pepper spray products have a diverse price range depending on the model and personal preferences. For more accurate pricing, check online retailers or visit their official website. 

How should I properly store and maintain my SABRE self-defense kit?

To maintain your SABRE self-defense kit, store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat. Regularly check the pepper spray’s expiration date and test the stun gun’s battery. Use the provided holster and wrist strap for secure and convenient access.

In terms of effectiveness, should I choose a stun gun or pepper spray for personal safety?

Choosing between a stun gun and pepper spray for personal safety depends on your preference and situation. Stun guns require close contact to immobilize an attacker but can be intimidating for some. Pepper sprays are effective at a distance but can be influenced by wind. The SABRE self-defense kit includes both, offering flexibility in various scenarios.

Assessing the SABRE Self-Defense Kit

The SABRE Pepper Spray & 2-in-1 Stun Gun with Flashlight is a highly effective self-defense kit, earning a 4.7-star rating for its reliability and security. Featuring a pepper spray with 25 bursts and a powerful stun gun, it is praised for its lightweight, compact design, making it ideal for various scenarios. The stun gun’s sound effectively deters threats, and the ergonomic design enhances control and aim. While the stun gun lacks a keychain attachment for easier portability, the kit overall is an excellent choice for enhancing personal safety and confidence.
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