How Much Does A Personal Security Guard Cost

Last updated: March 29, 2023


Hiring a security guard is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business or home. You want to ensure that not only your employees and customers are safe, but that they feel safe too. Here the question that comes to your mind is how much does a personal security guard cost?  

Average Hourly Wages

The cost of hiring a security guard ranges between $12 and $32 an hour. The maximum wage is usually nearly $35 an hour but can be as low as just over $12 for unarmed guards working on general patrol. Specialist job titles such as bodyguards come with hourly wages of $50 or more depending on the experience and training of the guard in question.

What Determines the Cost

The cost of hiring personal security guards varies from city to city. The different factors that the cost depends on include: 

  • Type of security personnel required
  • The type of venue (open, underground, hall, rooftop, etc.)
  • Duration of the event/employment
  • Experience of the guards 
  • Type of security services offered
  • Location of the employer

There are many things to consider when hiring security guards. The level of professionalism and cost are the factors you need to consider initially. For example, the security will vary for a mall versus that needed to control screaming fans or potential threats during a concert. Similarly, celebrities’ lives depend on their guards when they come out in public.

The varying complexity and diversity of venues have a significant impact on security operations. In large, open, or high-risk venues, you may need to hire additional security guards specifically for that venue. But if the venue is general, one or two officers on duty should be more than enough at any given time. You need to consider is a good balance of safety and cost-efficiency, so you must make sure that you are aware of the type of event before hiring the appropriate number of security guards.

What should be the duration of the work? Be sure to include the time it will take them to complete any paperwork or similar required tasks. You should plan rotating shifts according to the number of staff you have at hand. You should be careful that the guards do not have to work long shifts. Otherwise, they may begin to lose focus.

Security guards are usually qualified with a certain number of years in the industry. You should also consider that job experiences such as guarding government officials or high-value assets are way different from patrolling a mall. Look for qualified and experienced guards to protect any person or property.

For those who want to be sure that their security needs are met, the cost of hiring professional security guards is worth it. Depending on your location, you can expect to pay between $25 and $35 an hour for top-notch professional guards while they protect what matters most — you! Private or specialist services will have higher prices across the board. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for something specific. Unless money isn’t an issue, go ahead and get what you want!

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