Instagram Brands: 15 Great Examples & How You Could Mirror Them

Last updated: June 2, 2022


When Instagram was first launched, the idea was to provide a platform for social networking. Millions of users had a space where they could share photos and videos of their daily experiences.

Today, over 200 million businesses are using Instagram to promote their businesses.  

According to the Instagram Engagement Report, around 90% of Instagram users follow one brand or another. Big Brands are now leveraging this actionable data to improve their marketing strategy and make more sales on IG. 

If you want to do the same, this article is for you. What are the best Instagram strategies to use in 2022? What brands are hitting it big with Instagram and can you learn from them? Find out in this article. 

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Here are some of the best brands on Instagram and what they’re doing right.

Shopify [@shopify] – 694 k Followers 

Shopify’s account on Instagram is not just about eCommerce. Their impressive branding is backed by the creation of a community where business owners can share and promote their businesses. 

Shopify supports independent businesses in every way possible. They help them start an online store, market and sell their products, and manage the business. They also post customers’ stories.

The Shopify page encourages customer conversation and sharing of business-related content. 

How to Mirror Shopify:

  • Identify and address your target audience’s pain points through your posts. The more targeted you are with your posts, the more you’ll interest those you’re targeting. 
Image by @shopify on Instagram 

Nike [@nike] – 213 M Followers 

Nike is not just a top brand on Instagram, it is one of the best brands in the world. They gain lots of engagements on their posts through unique brand stories and advertising campaigns. 

Instagram users will become more interested in a brand with an excellent marketing strategy.  

How to Mirror Nike

  • Create good photos or video stories that your target audience can relate to .
Image by @nike on Instagram 

Shake Shack [@shakeshack] – 816 k Followers 

Shake Shack uses short but punchy captions to garner engagements on Instagram. With almost a million followers, Shake Shack is one of the best brands on Instagram.  

They have created a strong visual brand identity with posts of user-generated pictures. 

How to Mirror Shake Shack

  • Learn to incorporate your audience’s lifestyle into your marketing campaigns. Your audience will immediately be interested when they can relate to what you’ve posted.
Image by @shakeshack on Instagram 

Etsy [@etsy] – 2.9 M Followers

There’s one place where you’ll always find the work of independent designers, and creative entrepreneurs– Etsy. This brand focuses its content strategy on encouraging authenticity. 

Just like playing video games for profit, you have to be authentic with your skills and gameplay. And that’s what Etsy preaches through all their marketing channels. And they do this brilliantly by combining great text with amazing pictures.

How to Mirror Etsy

  • Learn to combine visual and text content that will communicate your brand character
Image by @etsy on Instagram 

Wendy’s [@wendys] – 1.0 M Followers 

When it comes to creative food layouts, no brand does it like Wendy’s. This is a brand that emphasizes the use of witty texts and colors to encourage followers to try certain food combos. 

They promote food in the form of art on their feed. This has made the brand stand out on Instagram. 

How to Mirror Wendy’s

Image by @wendys on Instagram 

Vans [@vans] – 17 M Followers 

Vans is a shoe brand that promotes a lifestyle of adventure through its products. They also dedicate time to feature customers by sharing original content that will build brand awareness.

Vans have millions of followers engaging in their posts because they adopt video storytelling. 

How to Mirror Vans

  • Share high-quality video contents that tell stories about your products and customers. 
Image by @vans on Instagram

Tiffany & Co. [@tiffanyandco] – 13.1 M Followers 

This brand has been expertly crafting jewelry for the world’s greatest love stories since 1837. This is where you will see beautiful visual designs of pieces of jewelry. 

This is one of the most engaging Instagram brands. Thanks to their aesthetically pleasing photos. 

How to Mirror Tiffany & Co.

  • Focus on bright and lit aesthetics when sharing pictures of your brand
Image by @tiffanyandco on Instagram

Iceland Air [@icelandair] – 353 k Followers 

The Instagram feed of Icelandair is simply stunning. This is the official page of the airline that connects Europe, North America, and Greenland. Their’s is one of the most interesting Instagram brands. 

Icelandair shares breathtaking photos of landscapes, volcanos, beaches, mountains, and wildlife. 

How to Mirror Icelandair

  • Avoid taking photos of products with a regular background. Instead, take photos of products while in use to share the experience with your audiences.  
Image by @icelandair on Instagram 

Farrow and Ball [@farrowandball] – 1.5 M Followers

This great brand will inspire you to transform your home with a water-based range of paints and handcrafted wallpapers. It promotes eco-friendly home designs to help beautify your home.

Farrow and ball is a top brand on Instagram because they always post user-generated content of high quality. 

How to Mirror Farrow and Ball

  • Publish useful content with tips, so your audience can apply them in real life 
Image by @farrowandball on Instagram 

National Geographic Travel [@natgeotravel] – 45.5 M Followers

You can explore the world through the lens of Nat Geo Travel photographers. This account posts pictures from some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

This page is a must-follow for travel brands that are looking to gain Instagram followers via posts. 

How to Mirror Nat Geo Travel

Image by @natgeotravel on Instagram

Burberry [@burberry] – 19.1 M Followers 

Burberry showcases some of the most fashionable handbags and garments. Their strong online presence is a result of the high-quality pictures they share constantly on their Instagram page. 

If you love fashion, you’ll love this British luxury brand. They also post clips from fashion shows. 

How to Mirror Burberry

  • Adopt the habit and style of posting quality studio pictures of your products consistently. 
Image by @burberry on Instagram

Adidas [@adidas] – 26.2 M Followers 

Adidas is changing lives through sports and the gaming world. This shoes and clothing brand posts daily content for a wide range of audience. They consistently share stories that go beyond fashion and sports.  

They’re gaining massive recognition on social media for taking a bold stand on marginalized causes.  

How to Mirror Adidas

  • Engage in trends that involve equity, diversity, and inclusiveness to grow your brand. 
Image by @adidas on Instagram 

Netflix US [@netflix] – 29.6 M Followers 

Netflix shares interesting trailers to encourage viewers to watch movies and TV shows on their platform. This approach has increased engagements on their page massively. 

These trailers, including memes and stories, are like teasers that inspire people to watch Netflix.

How to Mirror Netflix

  • You can grow your Instagram account or brand page by sharing video highlights. Also take advantage of memes and teasers as they can be engaging.
Image by @netflix on Instagram 

Huda Beauty [@hudabeauty] – 50.1 M Followers

Huda is a makeup brand. The brand focuses on sharing amazing beauty care products. This brand posts the right kind of content, which often attracts customers to purchase their products. 

The brand is one of the biggest brands to take advantage of influencer content marketing. As a result, the brand has millions of followers on Instagram. 

How to Mirror Huda Beauty

  • Find influencers that use your products and have them talk about their experience on their feed. 
Image by @hudabeauty on Instagram

Chipotle [@chipotle] – 1.1 M Followers 

Finally, one of the great brands to mirror on Instagram is Chipotle. They are great at sharing content that racks up engagements. This is mainly down to several hilarious posts on their feed. 

So, this brand is using humor to attract its target audience. No doubt, this is a winning marketing strategy. 

How to Mirror Chipotle

  • Use trending hashtags and humor-filled posts to promote your brand  
Image by @chipotle on Instagram 


As the number of active users continues to grow on Instagram, the opportunity to promote your brand will continue to present itself. So, ensure you make the most of the opportunities. 

We have listed some of the best Instagram brands to mirror. These brands will inspire you to take the right brand marketing strategies that will give you the popularity you need. 

Once your brand is well-known on Instagram, the chances of growing bigger will become very high. So, make sure you adopt the strategies used by these great brands.  

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