How AI Is Easing Our Daily Lives?

Last updated: January 24, 2022


When we usually hear about Artificial intelligence, we don’t take it so seriously as it’s easy for us to assume that Artificial intelligence doesn’t play with us and it has nothing to do with it. Most people think that only big tech giants’ lives are getting affected by Artificial Intelligence and our lives are not getting affected by Artificial intelligence while in reality, from morning until night, many people encounter Artificial intelligence but we don’t bother.

In the past when people used to do stuff to make things more convenient, our ancestors used to call those phenomena supernatural powers or magic, and now we named its technology. The magic tricks are exchanged by complicated algorithms that do the magic. Artificial intelligence is and has been easing our lives for so long now and it’s just that people are not aware of it. It impacts every aspect of our lives.

Artificial intelligence is no longer the fruit of the imagination of science fiction authors; with the new technologies coming up every day, it’s now preparing to subtly or less subtly intrude into our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is helping out many businesses grow. If you are doing a business, RCN Business can help your business get the most out of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions today by offering high-class internet services. Reach out to RCN customer service to find out how you can do that.

It influences our lives whether we are going through emails, getting music or series recommendations, or getting driving directions. In terms of efficiency, the positive effect of Artificial intelligence is immeasurable. It is really fascinating how Artificial intelligence is now a part of our lives and without realizing, how we encounter it in our daily lives.

In this article, we will tell you how Artificial Intelligence is being used in our daily life activities. The following are some of the examples of how Artificial Intelligence is being used in day-to-day activities:

  • Social media
  • Open your phone with a face ID
  • Send an email or message
  • Email communications
  • Banking
  • Online Stores and their services

Social Media

Artificial Intelligence plays a great role in social media algorithms in multiple ways. It makes it easier for the people who are using social media platforms to locate and interact with their friends and business associates.


Twitter has used Artificial Intelligence in multiple ways to enhance its platform. It has enhanced the experience of users by using Artificial Intelligence. They learn the user preferences by using deep neural networks over time and have made Twitter the most used social media platform.


More than 2 billion people update their statues 292,000 times on Facebook every minute and the company uses its data in multiple ways. Why do we see the ads of the products we like or the videos which are of our interest? The company uses the data of the people using Facebook in a way that it shows the stuff which they want to see. It’s all the Artificial Intelligence, which collects data from all almost all the apps that we use. That’s why we start seeing Friends series videos when we watch Friends on Netflix or we start seeing ads of courses related to what we are studying when we update our bio. 

Many internet service providers do marketing of their services on different social media platforms and target a specific audience. Their ads will be showing on only those people’s newsfeeds who are either talking about it on social media platforms or are searching about it on the Web. There are many other social media platforms like Instagram that are using Artificial Intelligence and Big data to fight issues like cyberbullying and to target advertising. As the number of users is growing up, the amount of content is also growing. Companies are using Artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience and fight spam and offensive content.

Open your phone with a face ID

The thing, which almost everyone does when waking up, is checking their smartphones and as technology is evolving really fast and coming up with new inventions like face ID, Artificial intelligence plays a great role to enable that functionality. In the beginning, Apple introduces the face ID feature, but now every smartphone is coming up with the Face ID feature and everyone is using Artificial intelligence in multiple ways to make things easier for their customers and to offer them something new.

Digital assistants

There are many digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa that help their users in performing day-to-day activities. From checking their appointments to searching for something on the internet or to sending commands to different apps, Digital assistants help the users in many ways. You can do a lot of stuff like you can ask Siri to play the music you like without even opening the app yourself. Artificial Intelligence learns from every user interaction and is an important part of how many applications work.

Send an email or message

With Artificial intelligence, email communication is improved really well. Users use the feature like smart replies to respond with simple phrases such as, ‘Yes, we are all set’ or ‘No, we are not available’ with just a click. Many mailing platforms like Gmail use this feature to offer ease to their users. Gmail uses Artificial Intelligence to make sure that the email that you receive is authentic and is not spam. If that’d be the case, then it will land in your spam folder.


Our banking systems are using Artificial Intelligence to do multiple activities like detecting fraud and for many security concerns. To make sure that the transactions are secured, our banking systems use Artificial Intelligence plays a great role. When you do activities like log on to your online banking app or when you receive a low-balance alert, behind the scenes, it’s all Artificial Intelligence.

Online Stores and their services

To gather data and information about your preferences and your buying habits, online retailers like Amazon and eBay use Artificial Intelligence and that’s how you see the products you’d prefer to buy on these online retail platforms.

Music streaming platforms use Artificial Intelligence to track your listening history and then will offer you suggestions for new releases as per your music taste.

Summing it up

Artificial intelligence has made our lives very easy. Artificial Intelligence supports many platforms and services that help us do everyday things, such as contacting friends, using an email program, or using a ride-sharing service.

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