How Are The World’s Most Sustainable Companies Utilising Green Technologies?


With the impacts of climate change being felt across the globe, there is a desperate need for businesses to make more sustainable choices. Not only will this benefit the environment, but many modern consumers consider a company’s eco-credentials to be a determining factor in whether or not they use their services. In fact, 32% of consumers in the UK said they’d be willing to pay more for goods and services from a company that was committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Some companies are already pioneering the change, and are leading by example when it comes to using green technology innovations to promote sustainable processes. But which companies are shining a light on the road to sustainability, and how are they specifically utilizing green technologies to reach environmental goals? 

Vestas Wind Systems 

Vestas is a Danish wind turbine company founded in 1945 and was named the most sustainable company in the world in January 2022. Like many modern businesses, they’ve set out their key environmental goals, which include becoming carbon neutral by 2030 without offsetting, and producing zero-waste turbines by 2040. 

Green technologies will play a key role in helping Vestas reach its targets. One example of this in practice is their use of electric and zero-emission vehicles in their corporate fleet. In 2020, the company transitioned over a third of its corporate benefit cars to either EVs or plug-in hybrid vehicles. With governments around the world setting their own targets when it comes to EV takeup, Vestas is getting one step ahead, by already future-proofing its fleet. 

Autodesk Inc. 

Autodesk is a software company that supplies products and services to all different types of industries across the globe. As well as designing sustainable products for other companies to use, there is an emphasis on improving their own business practices with the environment at the heart of all they do. 

They have used green technology to power their buildings, data centers and cloud services, meaning their entire real estate portfolio is powered with 100% renewable energy. In 2021, Autodesk set the target of becoming climate neutral, having already achieved net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across their entire business in the same year. 

City Developments Limited 

City Developments Limited (CDL) is a real estate development company based in Singapore. Construction companies are no strangers to bad press when it comes to the industry’s environmental impact, but CDL’s eco-credentials are clear and are pioneers for incorporating sustainable construction practices. They have been recognized as the most sustainable real estate management and development company four years in a row and ranked fifth on the 2022 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list. But how have they earned their burgeoning reputation? 

One area CDL focuses on is its water management, which is an area in which construction companies often fall short. At every stage of the project lifestyle, they use sustainable technologies to help limit water wastage, which is particularly important in water-scarce countries like Singapore. Examples include water-efficient fittings and fixtures, self-closing taps, and water recycling systems.

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