Solarwinds Offers a Variety of Tools to Secure Your Network


Organizations typically have computer networks that are often vulnerable to various attacks. Therefore, they must do all their power to secure their network. A compromised network could shut down the entire organization leading to massive losses financially and in time. Solarwinds offers various tools to help such organizations to help them secure their networks. 

The following are tools you can use to secure your network:

Network Traffic Monitor

Solarwinds has a network traffic monitor which monitors access and usage on an organization’s network, including the computers and databases. Network management software management is a tool to monitor and manage your network. It will monitor the bandwidth and traffic in the network to determine if any increases or decreases signify a danger to the system. 

The network systems management software will also perform network access control which may involve a multi-factor authentication system that controls who accesses the network and revokes access to people and devices without the authority to access the system. It will also report abnormalities in network traffic which can help prevent malware attacks on the network.

User Device Tracker

An organization needs to know which devices access its network. An unauthorized person accessing the organization’s network could have devastating consequences. The user device tracker from Solarwinds could help you monitor each device that accesses your network and tracks it. 

If it is an authorized device, you can identify its location and use the tracker to locate the perpetrator and hold them accountable. The device could also be an authorized device but perform malevolent activities in the network, which means it has been compromised, and its network access needs to be revoked immediately.

Application Security Manager

Solarwinds has an application security tool that is part of its applications management product. Business applications are critical, especially since many users prefer to interact with applications via their smartphones. The applications must be secure, and the Solarwinds application security manager can ensure that. 

It provides information about app usage and will monitor app performance to determine if the network is in danger when performance lags. The tool has extensive log management, which means it logs all activities by users on the app, giving you the ability to know exactly who used the application, at what time, and their activity on the app.

Access Rights Manager

Access rights are a critical element of network security. You must ensure total visibility of user access to your network at all times. The access rights manager allows you to manage and audit access rights across your entire IT infrastructure. 

You can swiftly see and decide which network user has access to and what they can access with the manager from Solarwinds. The access rights manager also lets you understand and respond to high-risk threats to your network. You can reduce the impact of insider threats and improve compliance by identifying changes to the network.

Patch Manager

The patch manager from Solarwinds is software specifically designed to address software vulnerabilities that could affect your network promptly. It simplifies patch management for your business. It also allows you to automate patching for Microsoft and other third-party applications. 

You can extend your Microsoft deployments with pre-built updates for Microsoft products and third-party applications from a centralized control point. The tool has a patch status dashboard and will provide you with patch compliance reports showing you how patches perform.

Network Performance Monitor

The performance of your network is often a great indicator of whether it has any security issues. Solarwinds has a network performance monitor which you can use to make your network more secure. You can use the performance monitor to identify changes in performance. 

If the performance is worse than usual, you can analyze it to determine the cause, which is often a security breach. It could be a ransomware attack meant to slow down your systems and make ransom demands to restore the network’s performance. The performance monitor features advanced alerting and will reduce network outages caused by security compromises. 

The importance of a secure network in business is paramount. Solarwinds offers various tools to ensure your network is as secure as possible, including a patch manager, network traffic monitor, user device tracker, application security manager, network performance monitor, and access rights manager. Review Solarwinds products to determine which can help you make your network more secure. 

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