How To Protect your Social Media Account From being Compromised: Easy Ways To Secure Your Data

Last updated: December 30, 2022


Hackers these days have become more elaborate than they’ve ever been. That raises the question: how can a person protect their data from being stolen? Let’s take a moment and check out some possible ways to make sure your social media accounts stay intact.

What’s the reason behind hacking

Simply speaking, account hacking is yet another type of fraud, in which people try to possess your personal info such as full name, ID, email, living address, fund information and such through compromising social media profiles. This can be done in many ways, from gaining trust and coaxing into giving up passwords to remote hacking into one’s account. And if the hack has already happened, you may need the help of specialists who will help you restore hacked Facebook account.

The question is how to not get hacked. Really, there are plenty of methods to keep your accounts safe. All of them require taking precaution measures while handling social media networks.

How can I find out that my account was compromised?

You will know if your account has been hacked. There are several widespread indications of compromise that a lot of users face:

You cannot simply log into an account. All your devices have been remotely logged out and you can’t access them. An error stating an incorrect password or email address pops up, even though you are sure all the data you’ve put is correct;

You start to notice suspicious activity while browsing social media. Some pages you’ve never followed start to pop up in your timeline, messages or posts you’ve never sent, usually containing uncanny images or web-links, list up first in your DMs. That’s a clear sign of hacking;

Security systems of your preferred networks start to bombard your email with notes of suspicious activity. Usually these are messages of unusual actions such as logging in from a totally different location or multiple attempts to log in and/or recover a password. Take caution: these messages can point out that someone is still trying to gain access to your personal info.

These signs are easily recognized. If you experience some of them, you got to act fast and try to recover your account before it’s too late.

How to protect my data?

To prevent hackers from gaining info from your compromised account, you need to follow a couple of steps. Make sure to secure your account like this in every social media network you use.

Create strong passwords

The first step to security is good, original and complicated passwords. Use all the recommendations that social media suggests while creating a password: CAPS, numbers, symbols – all of it.

Don’t use the same password over and over on different sites. Change them once in a while. 

Use 2FA or MFA 

Two Factor Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication is a way to protect your accounts. It requires two or more devices linked to an account to be accessed while trying to log in. 

Turn it up everywhere possible. You will get notifications of attempts of login every time someone tries to log into your social media. That way you can react quickly and change passwords from those that have been compromised.

Keep out of suspicious online spaces 

This goes to anyone with risky online behavior. Don’t follow strange links, even if they were sent from the people you know. They might have been hacked too. Check up with the person before following any links or downloading any files. 

Stay away from unauthorized web-sites and resources. 

Update your apps

Always grade up the versions of the apps you use if possible. It’s way easier to find loopholes in obsolete versions. 

What can I do if my account has been hacked? 

Let’s say it’s clear how to prevent facebook account hacking, for example. Now what to do if the account has already been hacked? How to recover it? 

There are multiple things you can do. Firstly, contact the support system of the network as soon as possible. Describe your issue and wait for them to answer.

Secondly, try and change the password yourself if it’s still possible. Sometimes hackers don’t get too far and fail to change the email address. This is your saving grace, change the password as soon as possible. And turn up MFA. 

Last, but not least: if your account is still accessible, take it up and secure it with all the methods listed above. It’s best if you take all the precautions needed.

Hackers invade online spaces, it’s true. But it’s always easier to make sure your account is safe than to be sorry you didn’t protect it. Safe browsing, friends! 

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