What Are Disposable Camera Tasers?

Last updated: October 1, 2023


Home burglary is a fairly common crime that happens more often than many homeowners imagine. Of the 1.7 million burglaries in the United States each year, only 12% of home invasions are planned. Almost half of the burglars (41%) acted on the “spur of the moment.”

When a burglar suddenly breaks into your house, and you have no self-defense weapons at hand, imagination and creativity are your best bet to fend them off. If all you have on hand is some duct tape and a disposable camera, do not fret, as you can still make a potent taser device. Let us discuss how to build disposable camera tasers in the next sections. 

How Much Do Regular Tasers Cost

A taser is the only electroshock weapon deployed from a distance, while other stun guns only shock a target when they are at arm’s length. Taser devices allow you to immobilize an assailant in a non-lethal manner while keeping a safe distance of up to 15 feet away.

The typical cost of a taser is between $600 and $1,000, with expensive ones maxing out at $2,000 per unit. Prices vary based on the taser model you choose, whether you prefer single or dual cartridges and how far your Taser’s effective range is. Additional features, such as an LED flashlight and built-in compatibility with smart apps, may also affect the overall price of a taser.

How Do Disposable Camera Tasers Work

Disposable camera tasers turn 1.5-volt batteries into hand-held electroshock weapons capable of delivering low-current high-voltage shocks of up to 400 volts. 

You can increase the voltage from a single AA battery to a level three times higher than the voltage coming from your AC wall outlet by using just the little circuit board from a cheap disposable camera. Despite the low output current, the high voltage output from this makeshift taser is severe enough to incapacitate anyone. Basically, it still functions similarly to a regular taser

How To Make Disposable Camera Tasers

A “super cap,” also known as a high value capacitor, is found within disposable cameras. It holds a lot of charges to produce the flash’s blinding light. You may hear this capacitor charging up in a rising high-pitched tone when you click the flash button. You may remove that flash and put two metal leads in its stead. All the stored power will pass through whatever you press the leads into rather than the flash bulb. 

To create a fully-functional taser from a disposable camera, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Open The Camera

Before anything else, the disposable camera’s paper covering should be removed. Replace the paper shell at the end of this step if you intend to disguise your taser as a disposable camera. 

Step 2: Take The Battery Out

With the paper covering gone, you’ll immediately see the AA battery. Remove the battery carefully in order to avoid shocking yourself.

Step 3: Unclasp The Camera

A number of plastic clasps hold the camera together. The two sides of the camera will separate once they are fully released. Nevertheless, exercise extreme caution when carrying out this action. Nothing inside the camera should be touched just yet, as the super capacitor may be charged. You will experience a very painful and potentially fatal shock if you unintentionally discharge it.

Step 4: Discharge The Super Cap

To discharge the super capacitor, use a flathead screwdriver with a rubber handle. Bring the screwdriver’s tip into contact with the two leads protruding from the capacitor’s side. You have safely discharged the cap if you hear a loud pop and see a spark.

Step 5: Hack The Circuit Board

The circuit board should come out with minimal force. Take out all the non-electrical parts and leave the metal components as they are. Locate the flash box at the top of the board and cut the leads that connect the flash box to the board using wire cutters. Discard the flash box. 

Cut two 7-inch lengths of wire and strip the ends. After that, tightly wrap the exposed ends of the wires around the capacitor leads.

Step 6: Close The Case

Pass the wires’ other ends through the empty flash opening on the camera front. Put the circuit board back into the case and then close it entirely.

Step 7: Connect The Shockers

This is the final step. Tape the exposed ends of the two wires to the camera’s opposite end, away from the flash charge button. The exposed contacts are what will shock the burglars. You may test your disposable camera taser by pressing the flash button to charge the super capacitor and hold it against metal. 

If you notice a spark, then your makeshift taser is functional.

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