What’s the Best Home Security System?

Last updated: November 26, 2023


Are you looking for a home security system? We’ve looked at different options and found the best home security system for you. Whether you want to install it yourself or opt for professional installation, keep reading below to find out which security system is worth your money. 

SimpliSafe – Best Overall Home Security System

SimpliSafe makes it easy and affordable to install a home alarm system on your own. Homeowners are able to set up security and environmental protection in an hour or less, for only $244. There’s the additional option to add professional monitoring for $14.99 a month, but you can opt for DIY monitoring with the free SimpliSafe mobile application. 

Low Prices for Equipment & Monitoring

SimpliSafe Home Security Systems are an innovative and affordable choice for families. Their starter system costs less than $250. Plus, they offer the same high-quality equipment you would find elsewhere but at lower prices because of their specials and refurbished inventory options.

The SimpliSafe starter set includes the following components:

  • A base station
  • A wireless keypad
  • A keyring remote
  • One motion sensor
  • Two entry sensors

SimpliSafe gave you a free security camera with a motion sensor and an app that sends alerts. For an additional $25 dollars a month, you can control your alarm system from anywhere using the mobile application.

Quality Equipment

Every security system is of high quality and well-made. One example of this is its SmashSafe backup against tampering, which alerts the police if someone tries to disable your system. SimpliSafe is also known for its Heartbeat feature, which continuously checks if your security system was working as intended.

Although SimpliSafe’s video cameras are limited to indoor and outdoor use without weatherproofing and have no advanced features such as night vision or zoom capability, they do just fine for people looking for a simple system.

A Fuss-Free Home System

It’s safe to say that the4 SimpliSafe system offers a lot of benefits for homeowners and renters. It is easy to set up the equipment on your own, which means you can take care of things in less than 30 minutes. Plus, there are no contracts, so if relocation becomes necessary, you won’t have any issues with moving or swapping out units as needed.

Explore the convenience of battery-operated wireless home security cameras, offering a flexible and easy-to-install option for enhancing the security of your home. Let us know in the comments if this article was helpful, or if you have any experiences with the SimpliSafe system that you’d like to share. For more cool ideas to protect your door and home, read our other blog posts.

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