Cool Ideas to Protect Your Door and Home 

Last updated: January 21, 2022


The Barracuda 

Criminals can catch us off guard at any time. The Barracuda Intruder Defense System can help by securing the door quickly and easily during an emergency it can be installed in seconds to protect people from intruders or other threats. 

The Barracuda instantly locks vertical doors, closes swinging doors, and prevents unauthorized entry. It’s a fully self-contained device that doesn’t have to be active all the time and can be easily removed if necessary. A good advantage for potential customers is that the Barracuda requires no maintenance.


These protection systems are ideal for residences, schools, and offices. Nightlock Original is suitable for both classic and French doors and it’s very easy to install. In the locking position, the device uses the floor to support even the heaviest loads that conventional locks cannot withstand. 

For locking in emergency situations Nightlock Lockdown also uses the floor to resist attacks from intruders. It works on all doors that open outwards and inwards. It should be noted that the night lock is installed at ground level and it’s not accessible to anyone trying to break into an apartment or office door. To close the door with this device simply lower the locking handle.

In addition, NighLock lockdown complies with fire safety requirements. This can be the best solution for dorm and apartment access control systems.

Campbell Security Screens 

On a cool summer night sometimes we want to leave the windows open or not close the door. However, this creates many problems from nocturnal insects and pets fleeing to intruders who are ready to break into an unprotected home.

Normal window and door screens help to deal with insects and animals, but they no obstacle to thieves. But Campbell’s protective netting is a quality product that helps protect homes but doesn’t deprive homeowners of the opportunity to see the landscape. You can choose a mesh of the right shape, size, and color to close a window or door opening. Thanks to this special structure. 

Campbell products are easy to install on surfaces of any material be PVC or wood. The triple locking mechanism and anti-theft hinges provide an extremely reliable barrier against intruders. In addition, the black powder-coated stainless steel mesh is tough enough to withstand the impact of the mallet or attacks with knives, rods, and all kinds of heavy tools.

The mesh allows the air to circulate freely but blocks up to 60% of harmful UV rays as well.

Security glass, glass doors, and large windows are often the weakest elements in terms of home security. An intruder only needs a few seconds to break a normal glass window and no surveillance camera can stop them. In addition, the offender will probably have enough time to leave the house before the police arrive as an alternative you can use resistance security glass.

This glass works similarly to some bulletproof vests place an army bulletproof vests do not cover the entire body, but they protect the particularly vulnerable areas security glassworks in the same way. They cover the most vulnerable area of the window the visible glass and this is usually enough. This type of glass can be placed either on the outside of the window or on the inside. Depending on the type of threat to the window different types of protection can be applied.

Barricade Box 

This device is a fast and reliable way to barricade the door in an emergency. The Barricade Box was invented by a man who served more than 20 years in the Marine Corps and then worked for the police. This door-locking device is a very simple, fast, and safe solution. Barricade boxes can work on almost any door with a handle regardless of directions.

In less than seven minutes, this unique device can be installed on any door made of any material, and activating a barricade box only takes seven seconds and even a child can do it. All you have to do is simply lift the lid polar cables, wrap it around the handle and attach it back to the barricade box. The device can be installed in places such as schools, offices, churches, or houses.

Barricade boxes are made of  Kevlar rope with a breaking strength of more than 900 kilograms. In addition, it’s resistant to cuts and fire, which means that it can cope with attacks from any intruder.


How do you close a door so that no one can open it? What do you do if you’re afraid of thieves even when you’re at home? There is a simple solution called Addalock. It’s a portable lock that can be easily installed on almost any door and removed in seconds.

It should be noted that add a lock isn’t an electronic lock and it works based on simple mechanics. Simply insert the metal plate between the frame of the door so that the lock lever is pushed into the hole. Then you can install the blocking element and that’s it the door is now closed from the inside. Addalock can be installed on the front door or any other door in the house where additional privacy is required.

This device is an ideal travel log it can be used in a hotel, motel, or rented apartments. Addalock is also ideal for students living in residences. Please note that the device is made of Chrome steel, which in combination with its unique shape allows it to be installed on doors of almost any thickness.

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