3 Colored And Well-Disguised Police Tasers To Check Out

Last updated: October 1, 2023


Taser International, currently known as “Axon,” manufactures the vast majority of tasers purchased and utilized by law enforcement organizations. Most Axon taser models have two modes that cause various effects on the human body.

When in firing mode, the Tasers shoot two probes up to 21 feet away. On the other hand, models sold for civilian use have a practical range limit of 15 feet. They are set to deploy five-second pulses of electric charge on each cycle. 

However, if the operator’s fingers remain on the trigger, the charge per cycle can be extended indefinitely. As long as both probes are linked to the weapon, the shock can also be repeated indefinitely. Like how stun guns work, this is expected to override the target’s central nervous system. 

The taser instantly incapacitates the attacker’s sensory nervous system when used in drive-stun mode at point-blank range. Rather than causing a complete override of the central nervous system, the weapon is essentially used as a pain-compliance technique. 

If you want to know the typical color of police tasers, continue reading this article below. 

Benefits Of Using Tasers 

In risky situations, tasers can be helpful in self-defense. There are many different types of taser devices available in the market today, each with its advantages. The following are some of these advantages:

  • Tasers are an effective way to defend yourself against an aggressor or attacker that does not require training. 
  • Tasers are easy to use and can be carried with you wherever you go.
  • Taser devices are a less-lethal self-defense option. 
  • Tasers are legal in most states and are less regulated than handguns. 
  • Tasers are relatively affordable compared to firearms and can be purchased online or in stores.

What Color Are Police Tasers?

Tasers and gun confusions are uncommon. However, they have recently occurred in a few states, which led to unfortunate events. To lessen the likelihood of taser-gun confusion, taser manufacturers have modified the design of taser devices—including how they look and feel. 

One of the distinctive features they incorporated is the color of the taser device. They are often made in bright and bold colors (e.g., yellow, orange, white, etc.).

Best Colored And Well-Disguised Police Tasers

Police tasers are considered the best type of taser available in the market today. They are extremely durable, and reliable, and can instantly incapacitate an attacker of any size. Here are our top picks for the best colored and well-disguised police tasers.

1. Taser Pulse+

Taser Pulse+
  • Voltage Capacity: 50,000 volts
  • Range: 15 feet
  • Safety Mechanism: Safety switch
  • Restriction: Single cartridge

The Taser Pulse+ is a self-defense tool that is designed for ultimate protection. It includes built-in laser sight and Noonlight integration, allowing you to contact emergency services with the stroke of a button. There is also a safety mode on the Taser Pulse+ to avoid accidental discharge.

Moreover, this device can deliver an initial shock of up to 50,000 volts, immediately dropping your attacker to the ground. You can maintain a safe distance of up to 15 feet while incapacitating your attacker. If you miss the target on the first discharge, you may switch it to close contact mode, transforming the Pulse+ into a stun gun. 

Dual-mode taser High-cost replaceable cartridges
Safety switchRequires accuracy
Comes with smartphone appExpensive

2. Taser 7 CQ

Taser 7 CQ
  • Voltage capacity: 50,000 volts
  • Range: 12 feet
  • Safety mechanism: Safety switch
  • Restrictions: Dual cartridge 

Another terrific option for a self-defense tool that is stylish yet reliable is the Taser 7 CQ. It can function in close quarters yet still deal damage from 12 feet away. This non-lethal electroshock weapon can support two replaceable cartridges. 

With this, you can enter a rapid-fire mode if you miss your first discharge. The probes fired by the Taser 7 CQ carry more stopping force, allowing you to deliver an electric shock that is 2x stronger than any other taser device.

Additionally, the durable design of the 7 CQ can withstand drops from 4 feet and the built-in 210-lumen LED flashlight is strong enough to temporarily blind assailants. 

Supports two cartridges (dual shot)Expensive
Built-in LED flashlightHigh-cost replaceable cartridges
DurableRequires permit in some states

3. Taser X1

Taser X1
  • Voltage capacity: 50,000 volts
  • Range: 15 feet
  • Safety mechanism: Safety switch
  • Restrictions: Single cartridge

The Taser X1 is another reliable and trusty favorite among law enforcement officers. It has double the reload speed of the Taser Pulse+ and is equipped with a targeting laser. The X1 model is the new and improved version of the previous Taser X26P and Taser X26C. 

It can unleash 50,000 volts per cycle, which can instantly cause involuntary muscle contractions and temporary paralysis to a target. The X1 also comes with a Central Information Display (CID) that can show battery levels and other critical information. 

Targeting laserRelatively bulky
Long effective range (15 ft.)Costly battery packs
Increased stopping powerNot legal in all 50 states

If you are interested in more portable self-defense devices, check out the top pocket stun guns for women in this Security Forward article.

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