3 Types Of Tasers You Should Own

Last updated: October 1, 2023


We’ve all had to become more independent in the past few years. As a result, we had to learn how to take care of ourselves by obtaining the best self-defense tools or engaging in regular at-home exercise. 

To protect your property, there are several different security levels in place, each with a unique option. They work in layers, starting on the outside and progressively moving within. Meanwhile, self-defense weapons should be discrete, easy to carry, non-lethal, affordable, and, most importantly, powerful. 

Every person should have a self-defense tool, particularly a taser, that they carry at all times. If you are interested in purchasing a taser device, read on to learn more about the different types of tasers. 

Defending Yourself With A Taser  

Types Of Tasers for Defense

Taser, also known as Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle, is a handheld device that hinders a person by imparting a 50,000-volt electric shock through two tiny darts. To properly and safely use a taser, sufficient training, and knowledge on how tasers work are needed. 

To use a taser, first, engage the weapon and inform the aggressor that you will shoot if they do not cease. If you need to shoot after your warning, use the weapon like a gun, aiming at the attacker’s center of mass to ensure direct impact. Aim for exposed skin or a thin garment to ensure the voltage can incapacitate the attacker.

Different Types Of Tasers 

There are various types of tasers available in the market, and each has its own features. However, for reliable options, we recommend the following:

  • A traditional taser device. Generally, this self-defense tool has a range of 15 to 17 feet. It can deliver 50,000 volts per cycle. Tasers of this type are compact, easy to use, and relatively affordable. 
  • A taser baton. Taser batons provide a multi-purpose self-defense weapon that packs the same powerful punch as a regular taser. It can be a baton for close encounters and fire two probes to ward off any attacker. 
  • A taser flashlight. This type of taser can double as a flashlight in poorly lit areas. A built-in LED flashlight can also help your aim and improve your accuracy. 

Benefits Of Using Tasers

When it comes to personal safety, nothing can protect you like a taser device. A taser is one of the most effective self-defense weapons for protecting yourself and your loved ones. With its high-voltage capacity, it is capable of completely disabling and incapacitating an intruder, attacker, or aggressor.

You can rest assured that you are using the same self-defense weapons as law enforcement authorities to protect those important to you. However, before purchasing a personal taser device, verify the taser and stun gun laws by the state as well as the municipal legislation to ensure that you do not violate any of the rules and regulations.

Choosing The Right Taser

Any taser device will deliver a powerful electric charge that can stop an attacker in their tracks. However, not all tasers are made equally. Here are some of the few considerations you should keep in mind when selecting the best types of tasers:


Tasers are meant to be used from a safe distance from an attacker or aggressor. Generally, they have at least 15 to 17 feet of effective range. However, some tasers are also designed to function efficiently in close encounters. We recommend choosing a taser device capable of direct contact and long-range stun up to 15 feet away. 


There are certain subcompact tasers that are equipped with a laser, which makes aiming and hitting an attacker a lot easier. The targeting laser will show you exactly where the two tiny darts will land. 

Safety Pin

The whole point of having a taser device is to deliver a debilitating shock to a potential attacker. Using your taser against you defeats the purpose of carrying a self-defense tool. Many tasers come with a safety pin to prevent accidental discharge or your taser being used on you. Before pulling the trigger, you must disable it to activate your taser device. 

Easy-To-Load Cartridges

It is ideal to select tasers with cartridges that are easy to load and quick to eject. If the first shot doesn’t hit the mark, you can rapidly change the cartridge and fire a second round of prongs at your attacker.


The intensity of the shock increases with voltage. A taser with at least 50,000 volts of output is ideal. However, you should also consider the microcoulomb (μC) value. This dictates the actual stopping force of a taser device.

If you are interested in purchasing a taser device, check out how much they cost in this Security Forward article.   

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