Top 5 Security Alarm Systems For Business

Last updated: August 14, 2023


Making a profit is only one aspect of running a business. You must also nourish and safeguard your company by ensuring it is equipped with the best security systems available. Businesses without a security system are 450% more likely to be targeted for break-ins and burglary. 

About 60% of burglars would seek an alternative target if an alarm system is present; audible alarms in a business security system account for 74% of uncompleted intrusions. Smart locks, motion sensors, and flood detectors are just a few of the security features used in modern business security systems. 

To deter shoplifting, some security solution companies provide equipment-specific tools like tags. Most commercial and industrial security alarm systems have a smart app for monitoring and managing the system. Some interface with Alexa or Google Home to control the alarm, regulate the temperature, and turn on the lights.

With these advanced security alarm systems, you can have peace of mind knowing your business is protected, both at work and when you’re away. You can also help create a safe and secure work environment for your employees. Workers who feel safe and secure at work are more likely to be productive and engaged. Lastly, installing a good system can help you to comply with certain safety and security regulations in your area.  

Now that you understand the benefits of these solutions, it’s time to familiarize yourself with some popular options available in the market. Read the article below to discover the five best security alarm systems that suit your business needs. 

Top 5 Small Business Security & Alarm Monitoring Systems To Check Out

Selecting a security alarm system is a choice that should not be made hastily. Fortunately, the most significant commercial and residential security systems don’t take anyone’s safety and security lightly. For instance, many security alarm systems are equipped with advanced features, such as remote CCTV monitoring that allows security professionals to watch over your business 24/7, even when you are not there. These innovative security features can be a cost-effective, flexible, and reliable way to protect your business from theft, vandalism, and other incidents.  

So, if you want what’s best for your business, employees, and customers, these are the security solutions that stand out.  

1. SimpliSafe – Best Self-Monitoring Device

This system is actually one of the residential/home security systems developed by SimpliSafe, but with its available equipment, it is more than capable of securing small businesses as well. It’s a DIY installation system that you can set up yourself in less than an hour. 

SimpliSafe has all the necessary security equipment you’ll probably need to protect your property or office premises. It has a security camera, a glass break sensor, motion detectors, entrance sensors, and even fire safety sensors like smoke alarms. Moreover, this system does not require a monthly fee for self-monitoring services. 


  • Inexpensive equipment and monitoring plans
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Numerous smart technology integrations


  • Smart locks only (no keypad, keyfob, or biometrics access control)
  • Unclear warranty policy 
  • Terrible customer support

2. Vivint – Best For Smart Business Security

Vivint - Best For Smart Business Security

Vivint business security solutions begin with a professional security evaluation and conclude with a functional system that gives you peace of mind. After you install the system, you’ll have access to cutting-edge security measures through Vivint’s tablet-like control panel and mobile apps. 

It also includes video surveillance and a professional monitoring plan.


  • Smart device technology
  • Security cameras with built-in noise deterrent features
  • 24/7 camera footage recording


  • Long-term contracts only
  • Limited equipment options
  • Costly additional security devices

3. Frontpoint – Best DIY Business Alarm Systems

Frontpoint - Best DIY Business Alarm Systems

Frontpoint is a popular choice for providing dependable security systems for homes and small businesses. The company is known for its pleasant customer service, straightforward pricing, and reliable equipment. 

Aside from home automation, Frontpoint can also support business security with a network of Z-wave hubs. Some packages also include a motion detector and entry sensors that could safeguard your business space against vandalism and intrusion. 


  • Easy installation
  • Smart alerts via smartphone notification
  • Top quality equipment


  • Higher price compared to other DIY systems
  • Z-hub not user-friendly
  • no protection against identity theft

4. Lorex – Best Security Camera Systems

Lorex Technology is a leading manufacturer of industrial-quality security cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Its cameras come with special features like 115-foot night vision, color night vision, and vandal-proof casings, which could easily alert you of any suspicious activity or potential break-in. 

Owners of spacious business stores prefer this system as it can support up to a maximum of 32 cameras. No matter the size of the area, this system could protect your place against criminals and intruders.


  • Extensive range
  • Multiple functionality security cameras
  • Cloud backup storage for on-site local recordings


  • Requires a professional for the wired setup
  • Lacks security sensors for doors and windows
  • Expensive prices for additional cameras

5. ADT – Best Commercial Grade Security

ADT - Best Commercial Grade Security

ADT is a household name in commercial and home security services, having been in the industry for over 145 years. ADT recognizes that every business has varying security needs. ADT does not provide a predefined package or contract; instead, a security expert will assist you in developing a suitable security solution for your company.

The complete ADT package includes business automation, video verification and surveillance, burglar protection, and environmental warnings. Aside from being Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, the system can also be wireless controlled via its smartphone app.


  • Nine monitoring centers with law enforcement partnerships
  • Live phone support for first-time users
  • Optional add-on for business cybersecurity and equipment insurance 


  • No money-back guarantee
  • 36-month contract with hefty cancellation fees
  • Requires professional installation

With the information mentioned above, there are indeed several security alarm systems available for your business. However, with various options in the market, choosing the right one can become a tricky task. There are some essential considerations to keep in mind to make an informed decision. For example, it’s crucial to identify your security risks, set a budget to narrow your options and get quotes from multiple providers to compare prices and features. This way, you can find your enterprise’s perfect security alarm system.  

On the other hand, if you are keen on having a sustainable building, find out about the importance of having motion sensors for lights at the workplace in this article by Security Forward. 

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