Security Tips for Small Businesses


Physical security is essential for the sustainability of small businesses. Small business owners must keep their premises, assets, employees, and customers safe and secure from thieves, vandals, and unauthorized access. Security incidents can have dire consequences that can be costly to resolve, so it is best to prevent them from occurring. These are some tips that can help small businesses protect themselves and keep people safe:

Install a trusted security system

Security systems warn business owners of unauthorized entry to their property. They usually consist of door and window sensors, alarms, surveillance cameras, and motion detectors. Install these security system components at strategic points on the premises and ensure they are operational 24/7. 

Live camera feeds should constantly be monitored to detect intruders before they commit malicious acts. The video footage from the on-site cameras can be used to identify perpetrators if they trespass on the property. It also helps to place surveillance cameras where people can easily see them because it is a deterrent to potential intruders. Click to see the best security systems for small businesses in 2023.

Secure all entry points

All entry points to a physical business, like doors and windows, should be adequately secured. The doors should be sturdy, made of rigid materials, and reinforced with deadbolt locks. You can also use smart locks for better control and access monitoring. The windows should be shatterproof to prevent break-ins. They should also be tinted to prevent intruders from scanning the building from the outside unless the windows need to be transparent to help with advertising.

Use key management to monitor access

Small businesses should only allow authorized personnel to have the keys or password to any part of the establishment. There should always be a log of key holders for accountability, and key duplication policies should be restrictive. Whenever an employee that knows the company password leaves, management should change it. There should also be an electronic access control for smart locks to track entries and exits.

Brightly lit environment

Proper lighting makes it easy to spot intruders and monitor activities on company premises. It also deters criminals from attacking because of the fear that they will be caught and arrested. The property should be well-lit both inside and outside, with emphasis on entrances, walkways, and the parking lot. You can use motion-activated lights to save energy and attract attention to suspicious activities that occur after business hours.

Proper cash handling

Most thieves that raid small businesses are looking for cash. There should be strict cash policies in place. Money kept on company premises should be limited and deposited at a bank once it hits a certain threshold. You should train employees to be vigilant during cash transactions so dishonest customers do not manipulate them and steal company money.


Small businesses need protection from malicious actors because successful security incidents can have severe financial consequences. Business owners should use security systems to safeguard their property and ward off intruders. They should also train their staff to be attentive and security-conscious and follow the security measures put in place for the company’s safety.

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