Vivint Smart Home Security Review 2024

Last updated: January 5, 2024


For those looking for a cheaper home security system, DIY security systems can be a practical option. However, most DIY security systems lack security features like burglar alarms and notifications to the police.

With Vivint Home Security, your home gets 24/7 monitoring with complete security features, which you can control from your computer, mobile phone, or control panel.

What To Know About Vivint Smart Home Security

Base Price$600.00
Monthly Fees$29.99 and up
Plan LockNo Contract

Pros And Cons

To help you decide whether Vivint Home Security is right for you, take time to weigh its pros and cons.

24/7 monitoringAdvanced security featuresSmart security cameraTotal customizationUser-friendly Vivint appNo long-term contractExpensive upfront costLimited third-party integrationShort cancellation policyNo DIY installation option

Vivint Plans and Pricing

You can choose from the two payment options Vivint offers. Either you pay for all equipment upfront and pay month-to-month for monitoring or finance your equipment with monthly payments on a zero-interest loan. However, only customers with at least a 600 credit score can qualify for financing.

Vivint is more expensive than its competitors. The basic package starts at $599, and all equipment can cost $2,000 or more. The basic package includes two Vivint door and window sensors, one Vivint water sensor, and a touchscreen Vivint smart hub.

The professional installation fee for the Vivint Home Security is $49.99. Take note that the company only allows cancellation within three days after the installation.

Following is a list of pricing options to help you understand what works best for you:

No Lock-In Contract Option

This is recommended for customers with a sufficient budget for paying security system equipment in advance. You will buy your equipment up front and then pay for monitoring services on a monthly basis. In this pricing option, you will not be paying any cancellation fee once you change your mind.


This option is for customers who prefer to pay on an installment basis. However, this plan requires a five-year contract. If you change your mind and decide to cancel the contract, you need to pay the cancellation fee in full.

Plans for Home Monitoring Services

  • Smart Security Monitoring plan – $29.99 per month
  • Smart Home Monitoring plan – $39.99 per month
  • Smart Home Video Monitoring plan – $44.99 per month

Vivint Equipment and Fees

Do Vivint Security Systems Fit Your Needs?

Vivint has relatively higher costs — one reason why some people wonder if it is worth it. For that, explore this list of benefits that you can get from this fully-integrated and sophisticated security system. Let this be a guide for you to determine if Vivint is the most suitable choice that meets your needs.

Notable Features

Vivint Security System is definitely worth the price because of its notable features. It allows you to control your entire smart home through the Vivint Smart Home App and fully integrate smart home controllers. More than that, Vivint gives customization options for your camera, locks, and detectors.

In addition, Vivint also takes pride in its voice-activated home automation. It uses biometric or voice recognition through Amazon Echo and Google Home to respond to certain commands.

Fire Problems Notification

This is what sets Vivint apart from most DIY security system options. In Vivint, you can turn on notifications for your detectors or smoke alarms. The security system can also send notifications to the police in cases of emergencies.

Professional Installation

With Vivint, you don’t have to deal with the challenges of planning and installing your home security system. Professionals who can ensure the effectiveness of your system will do all the work. And for that, you have nothing to worry about if the system is properly installed.

If you are not familiar with the system, it is not recommended to rely on DIY kits heavily. Professionals provide continuous support, prevent damages, and keep your home safe.

How to Buy a Vivint Smart Home Security System?

Follow these steps for your Vivint Home Security System purchase:

  • Talk to an expert who will help you build the right system for your home.
  • Choose cameras, door locks, and other smart products.
  • Set a schedule for the security system installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying the Vivint Security System, many customers commonly seek answers for the following questions:

Can Vivint home security be hacked?

Every security system, including Vivint, is prone to hacking. However, Vivint has encryption-based systems that make it less vulnerable to hackers.

Do Vivint cameras record without WIFI?

Yes, Vivint continues to record even without WiFi or internet connection, but you cannot access or receive live footage.

How can I see my Vivint footage?

To access the Vivint footage, tap the camera icon in the menu bar of your smart home app. Then, to see the live feed, choose the thumbnail of the camera that you want to review.

Vivint Smart Home Security In A Nutshell

Security systems are proven to have a significant contribution in deterring crimes. They are a big help in creating a safe neighborhood for everyone.

Overall, Vivint is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to protect and monitor their homes and properties. With all the features, automation, and professional assistance that Vivint provides, you get the value of what you paid for.

Are you looking for more security system options? Check out our blog covering the top 5 security systems for other packages worth considering.

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