How To Install Security Cameras Outside

Last updated: October 1, 2023


For years, government agencies, militaries, and companies have been using outdoor cameras for property security and public safety. 

However, outdoor security cameras have just recently gained popularity among regular homeowners and renters. The increasing availability of easy-to-install cameras and affordable surveillance technology has enticed more people to purchase and install cameras outside their homes. An outdoor security camera provides numerous benefits, which make it a good investment. 

Wondering about the possible reasons for you to get a security camera installed in your home? Continue reading below!

Why Should You Get An Outdoor Security Camera

For millions of homeowners, security cameras are more than just surveillance devices; they are also valuable and cost-effective investments for personal safety. 

Added Home Security 

Aside from motion sensor floodlights and alarms, security cameras also buff up your home’s safety to another level. Every layer of protection for your property will add to your peace of mind. While security floodlights and alarms could alert you of an intruder’s presence, outdoor security cameras let you have a good look at the intruder while being safe inside your home. 

Package Protection

Due to the convenience of online shopping and home package delivery services, most homeowners choose just to have their needs delivered to their doorsteps. However, package theft and porch piracy are serious issues experienced by numerous homeowners. Outdoor security cameras can help you keep an eye on your packages and discourage anyone from trying to steal them.  

Intruder And Theft Deterrent 

Upon seeing a security camera installed, many burglars are immediately discouraged because they don’t want to get caught on tape trying to break into your home. Cameras with wider fields of view and higher resolutions can also help you and the police identify the perpetrators. 

A Vigilant Eye 

Outdoor security cameras can not only keep your front yard safe; they can also help protect your kids playing outside. You can keep your surveillance cameras recording 24/7 while you do some chores inside the house. You’ll have an extra set of eyes looking over your kids and monitoring who’s coming and going on your property. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Installation costs for security cameras can vary depending on the amount of labor needed. However, it could also cost you practically zero bucks if you know how to install it yourself. 

DIY Installation

Having the installation of outdoor security cameras as your next DIY project can essentially reduce the installation fees to zero.

Most surveillance cameras these days are not only easy to use, but they are also easy to install, making them stress-free. Some cameras you can just attach to your door or mount to a wall, and it’s already good to go. The easiest to install are wire-free and battery-powered outdoor cameras.  

Professional Installation

If you purchased wired outdoor cameras and want them integrated with your other home security systems, we recommend having them installed by a licensed technician. 

Bullet-type and dome cameras, as well as video doorbells, require professional installation since they involve electrical wires and Ethernet cables. It’s best not to mess with those. Depending on the labor demands and the type of camera installed, professional installation may cost you between $49 to $199. 

Steps For Installing An Outdoor Security Camera

Whether installing a wireless or wired security camera, you should always consider where you’re placing it. A camera placed in the least optimal spot would reduce its efficiency and value. 

If you decide to install your outdoor security cameras yourself, below are the steps you could follow.

Steps For Installing A Wired Security Camera

  1. Find a stable spot on the wall. It’s best to place it in a position where you can have a larger field of view and be free of any obstruction. This would provide you with a better spot to capture all the action and angles possible.
  2. Use durable studs or drywall anchors to mount your camera
  3. Check for existing wiring on the spot you chose.
  4. Mark those spots and drill the necessary holes for the wire connections. Make sure that the holes are big enough for you to pull the wire through.
  5. Thread the wiring and connect it to your security camera.
  6. Attach the wiring to the monitoring source, either a DVR or an NVR.  

Steps For Installing A Wireless Or Wire-free Security Camera

  1. Find a spot on the ceiling or above the door. Wireless cameras need a power source, so it’s best to place them near one. Both wire-free and wireless surveillance cameras need to connect to the internet in order to store surveillance footage in the cloud. We recommend placing it in a spot where the network signal and connection are strong to avoid blurry or grainy footage.
  2. Mount them using a dedicated mounting plate and screws. Or, you may also use any kind of durable adhesive.

Regardless of what type of camera you’re planning to install, make sure you place it well out of reach of a burglar or a child. 

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