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11 Smart Ways to Reduce The Risk of Burglaries

Burglaries are a persistent threat to residences in the U.S, with millions facing home invasions or attempts annually. While there is no way to be entirely burglar-proof, you can always take steps to reduce the risks of a burglary. We talked to the experts, and according to their advice; here are their top ways you can deter burglars;

1. CCTV Cameras

To reduce burglaries, you can install high-quality CCTV cameras and make sure to install CCTV-protected stickers on your gate so burglars are intimidated by them. This has been used by a lot of homeowners, as most burglars are afraid of being caught on-cam. 

With the advent of technology, there is a higher and better resolution of cameras, so even if burglars attack at night, their images will still be clear enough to ID them. So, if they see these stickers around, they can be afraid to perform their Activities.

Matt Perry, Marketing Specialist BuyMoldavite

2. Change Smart Lock Passwords Frequently

If you have a smart lock, make sure to change the passcodes on them from time to time. *It would also help a lot if, in addition to these electronic locks, you install deadbolt locks and motion sensor lights as they help provide additional security for your home. 

Dan Alder, Editor-in-Chief LEVVVEL

3. Put on Bright Lights

Make sure the areas around your house are brightly illuminated, especially the porch and backyard. A well-lit area deters a thief from breaking into your home. Once you’re inside, double-check that all of the doors and windows are securely shut.

Timothy Woods, Owner, Director, and Editor of Carnivore Style

4. Install An Alarm System

An alarm system is one efficient way for homeowners to add an extra layer of security in their homes as it serves as an immediate awareness when there are attempts of a break-in. It gives homeowners peace of mind since these alarm systems are reliable. Just make sure to choose a company that’s trustworthy in the field.

Lucas Travis, Founder Inboard Skate

5. Remote CCTV Monitoring

While there are a number of ways that you can try to reduce the chances of a burglary, there are a 

few that work better than others. A great way to reduce the risk is to try a remote CCTV monitoring service. These services are a proactive way to protect a property which is ideal for reducing risk. 

Remote CCTV monitoring is a service that connects your existing or new security cameras to an advanced control room filled with trained operators. These operators will be notified of a disturbance and take action. The most common way that they act is to use a PA system that lets them ward off the potential burglars. They can tell the criminals that the local authorities have been called and are on their way. This will panic them, and they’re much more likely to run from the scene before they gain entry. 

John McMahon, Managing Director at  Re:sure

6. Develop Situational Awareness Habits

Most people think that you keep your home or business safe by installing hardening systems: locks, lights, cameras, and security systems. While extremely important, they only work when used. People leave doors unlocked, cars unlocked, they don’t turn on security systems, they use the cameras for forensics only, and post on social media that they are not home. 

The true way to make your home and business safe is to learn and develop Situational Awareness habits, behaviors, and mindsets. Only by combining Situational Awareness with these hardening systems will you truly be able to prevent burglaries. To learn this critical skill, we must also change how we learn.

 Traditional training does not work; it follows Einstein’s definition of Insanity. You need a program that, over time, allows for the learning and development of your own individual Situational Awareness habits, behaviors, mindset, and process.

Brian Searcy, Paratus Group

7. Neighborhood Watches

Based on my experience, the best way to prevent burglaries is through Neighborhood Watches. Neighborhood Watches improve relationships within the community and, most importantly, between the community and the police. 

Historically, the most effective security measures are always those preventative rather than reactive methods, and a Neighborhood Watch is a perfect preventative measure: which burglar would want to rob homes in neighborhoods where community members are always out on the porch talking to each other?

Arnold Long, General Ops Manager at

8. Smart Home Automation

To ensure safety features at your place, you can install Smart Home Automations like smart door locks, smart burglar alarms, cameras, smoke alarms to notify you immediately during unfavorable situations. These devices reduce the risk of burglaries and protect your place even in your absence. It monitors the activities happening at your place and informs you on time, and you can take the respective measures to overcome the loss. It prevents the circumstances from getting worse and keeps you notified precisely.

Harriet Chan, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of CocoFinder

9. Landscaping

Most people don’t realize how important landscaping is when it comes to home security. Large trees, shrubs, and bushes all make great hiding spots for potential burglars, especially if they are near entrances like doors or windows. By ensuring there aren’t any hiding spots around the exterior of your home, it will make it much more difficult for the burglar to find a point of entry. I also recommend upgrading your home’s exterior with motion sensor lighting to add that extra layer of security. By installing a motion-activated light, you can deter potential criminals by tampering with the best hiding spot of all: nighttime. 

10. Don’t Leave Any Valuables Outside

Staying on the topic of a home’s exterior, it is also important to make sure you store any important valuables inside overnight, so you don’t attract any unwanted attention. This means finding proper storage for patio or backyard furniture, BBQs, lawnmowers, or any other tools of high value that a burglar could easily access. 

11. Consider Installing Sensors on your Doors and Windows

For an extra layer of security, I recommend looking into sensors for your doors and windows. Sensors immediately warn the homeowner of any suspicious activity, so they can jump into action as quickly as possible. The loud sound caused by sensors will also disorient the burglar and possibly deter them from the scene immediately. 

Look into glass-breaking sensors for your windows and motion sensors for your doors. Sensors are very cost-effective and are very easy to install, so there is no reason not to add this to your home’s security arsenal.

Some larger home security systems even provide sensors as part of their packages, so make sure if you are shopping for a full system to look into what pieces of tech the company is providing.

Kristen Bolig, Founder at SecurityNerd

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