How Much Does A Physical Security Assessment Cost?

Last updated: November 2, 2021


Security is your first line of defense against intruders or any disruptive incident, which is why it’s wise to ensure that your security system is up to par. This can be done through a physical security assessment. 


There is no one cost of physical security assessment. The cost widely varies on the extent of assessment and is dependent on several factors. However, prices can range anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. 


There are many types of physical security vulnerabilities and threats, both internal and external. Jeopardizing these results in major losses, which anyone would want to avoid. A physical security assessment helps create an audit checklist to find these flaws. 


Generally, physical security assessment is a combination of performing intensive audits and analyzing results that come from it. It evaluates all aspects of your physical security system, its controls, and its parameters. All security systems are examined carefully. 


Many organizations find it convenient to conduct a physical security assessment annually. However, larger organizations tend to run a physical security assessment twice a year or even quarterly. 


Some of the important components considered in the cost of a physical security assessment include: 

  1. Scoping: Every organization is unique. Costing depends on the organizations’ infrastructure. 
  2. Size: The pricing of physical security assessment does not follow the one size fits all principle. It varies differently according to the size of the target.
  3. Complexity: The complexity of organizations systems affect the pricing of physical security assessment. Larger companies would require a larger budget. 
  4. Environment: The environment of the target also affects the cost of physical security assessment. 


Physical security assessment plays a crucial role in mitigating the high level of risk. Constantly updating and improving your remediation plan is important for ensuring that you’re well protected against threats. 

You can also budget your security assessment process by consulting with an expert. For more information on physical security assessment, check out the rest of SIA Online.

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