How To Conduct Physical Security Assessment

If we have finally convinced you about how linked physical security is to all aspects of your business—including all digital areas—then you may be ready to conduct a physical security assessment. A physical security assessment aims to evaluate all angles and levels of your current security system, both on a micro and macro level.


Here’s how to conduct a physical security assessment:

  • Know what your risks are – especially those specific to your industry, locations, and the nature of your business.
  • Analyze these risks and determine the severity of each one of them. 
  • Inspect your current premises and facilities and keep an eye out for vulnerabilities. 
  • Go over your current operations, procedures, and practices at all hours.
  • Reassess your existing emergency plans.
  • Double-check the security systems you have in place to ensure that they are still updated and functional.


Once you gather the results from your physical security assessment, you can then deploy more enhanced measures to keep your business more secure. Remember that physical security assessments should be a regular practice, to make sure that you can address new threats as they arrive. Contact SIA Online for all your security needs!

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