What Could Happen If Physical Security Controls Did Not Exist?

In the absence of physical security controls, many things are bound to go wrong. There are inherent risks in running a business, and these can range from minor to severe. If physical security controls did not exist, then the following acts, events, and consequences may be bound to occur:


    • Theft, both physical and electronic
  • Vandalism
  • Destruction of Property
  • Assault
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Data Breaches
  • Loss of Access to Your Own Operating Systems, Documents, and Controls
  • Legal Troubles


These are just some of the many potential instances that could occur if physical security controls did not exist. Your business may not even be able to operate any longer if you get the worst of it. Luckily, there are many new best practices and technologies that can help you maintain your physical security. 


Have a look at some of our posts on hiring security experts if you want to make sure that your business is as protected as possible. Visit the rest of SIAOnline today for more advice on this topic!


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