Top 3 Rental Home Security Tips for Tenants

Last updated: November 19, 2023


Are you worried about the crime rate in your area? Do you wonder how to keep your home secure without breaking your lease? This guide has the perfect solution for you. Safety is one of the primary considerations for many people before moving into a new home. However, since most Americans live in rented apartments, making changes, even security related, can be tricky. With that in mind, this article takes you through the top three rental home security tips for tenants. If you’re looking for smart ways to reduce burglaries, stick around. We’ll also delve into why renter’s insurance is essential during a crisis. 

Top 3 Rental Home Security Tips for Tenants

1. Keep Your Doors and Windows Secure

One of the best tips to feel safer at home is to secure your entryways. Keeping your doors and windows secure sounds like obvious advice, but you’ll be surprised how often occupants forget. If you have a deadbolt on your main entrance, remember to lock it every night. Also, don’t forget unsecured windows could be an entry point for burglars.

If your windows or doors are broken, you should report them to your landlord immediately. Although, if it’s your responsibility to fix it, then do so promptly. If you need assistance, your local property management team can offer home security advice for tenants and landlords. 

2. Install Surveillance Cameras

Another excellent security tip is to install surveillance cameras around your house. Smart cameras are convenient because you can get live footage on your phone. If your landlord has such security measures, you can ask them to add you to the feed. Otherwise, there are many affordable cameras you can buy yourself. Ideally, your landlord shouldn’t have a problem with you installing such upgrades. However, it would still be best to ask for permission first. 

Once thieves and other trespassers know there’s a likelihood of being caught on camera, they’ll think twice. This upgrade also goes well with external security lights so that you can see potential vandals. 

3. Get a Security System 

Finally, you can also get a complete security system. In other words, step up your rental protection by expanding beyond a few surveillance cameras. A comprehensive security system with motion sensors and sirens can alert when there’s any intrusion. Sometimes it can even do so before you notice something is wrong and call your attention with a silent alarm. Modern security systems for rental property allow tenants to install them without leaving permanent defects. Thus, you don’t have to worry about needing to drill holes in the wall. You can securely attach them to the walls, or other parts of the house, with adhesives. 

Why Renters Insurance Is Important in an Emergency

1. It Covers Your Personal Belongings 

Sometimes, despite all preventive attempts, criminals might still find their way into your home. Thus, it would be best to have another form of backup. That’s why all tenants should get renter’s insurance. One of the perks of having this policy is that it covers your personal belongings. In other words, your insurance company will cover the cost of your stolen or damaged property. 

2. It Gives You Coverage Against Liability 

Another perk of Having renter’s insurance is that it also covers you against liability. Hence, if you or another covered person are injured on the property, you can get some money to settle medical payments. Such policies often apply when you cause someone else’s injury on your property. 

3. It Covers Additional Living Costs

Lastly, it would help if you considered getting renters insurance because it covers additional living costs. For instance, if your home becomes uninhabitable because of a break-in or emergency, you would have to stay elsewhere temporarily. Living costs of a short-term rental can be expensive when you consider rent, feeding, and sometimes transportation. However, your insurance company can foot the bill if you have a policy. 

You should note that insurance companies use several factors to determine your premium. Your level of risk is often one of these, and they assess it differently. If you live in a low crime zone, the lower your premium and vice versa. Also, the more secure your house, the better your rates. Thus, it might be worth investing in other security tips before seeking renters insurance. 


There’s no reason for you to live in fear in your home. With these top three rental home security tips for rentals, you should be able to keep your house secure. While you might not be able to wire a house like Fort Knox, there are preventive measures that can help you keep criminals out of the way. Be security conscious by keeping your doors and windows locked. You can also fortify your house with security cameras and a wireless security system, or even consider network segmentation.

Despite these measures, it would still be helpful to acquire renters insurance. These policies are handy, and many landlords now make them a necessity. After all, most policies cover your belongings, extend liability coverage and cover additional living expenses.

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