Home Security Systems Without Monitoring

Last updated: January 21, 2022


Are you looking for the best home security systems without monitoring? You are at the right place. In this blog post, we have named some of the best non-monitored or self-monitored home security systems. Let’s take a look at them:

SimpliSafe Home Security System 

SimpliSafe is the best home security solution for your family. With a starter kit, you get fire monitoring equipment vital to protect against danger in any household. The company makes its products without a middleman markup, so there’s no extra cost when it comes time to replace or upgrade them; all of their plans come with a lifetime, nationwide service protection because SimpliSafe doesn’t want anything wrong happening while they’re on duty!

Abode Home Security Starter Kit 

The Abode DIY router is an attractively low-cost solution providing no-frills wireless equipment. You can upgrade your security system to a monitored security system if you want, but most homeowners are delighted with the basic features of our kits. They don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by other expensive advanced systems.

On the downside, their equipment may be costlier than those offered by competitors. Customization is limited in bundled packages – you can pick a bundle of equipment at a set price, but there are no substitutions allowed. Shipping costs and return fees also apply to any customized orders made within 14 days; other companies offer 30 or 60 day periods for returns and free shipping on custom items.

 iSmartAlarm Premium Package 

This is a home security system that offers you the option to go DIY, upgrade as much as you want in-app or through your account manager. ISmartAlarm isn’t an Apple product despite its name, but it still manages quality equipment with modern and top-of-the-line features for any homeowner. Premium packages are affordable without lengthy contracts, so don’t be discouraged by this label! 

The app is available on several devices, and alerts can be sent via WiFi or 3G. This means that even if your phone isn’t in contact with the internet, you will still get notifications about messages from clients/customers. The only downside? You won’t see them when logged into an account online because they are not present for web browsers yet either!

Canary All-In-One Home Security Device 

Canary is a home security system that consists of an easily user-friendly gadget with motion detection, 1080p HD video capture, and plenty of other great features. The app gives you remote control access to your camera at all times, and there are also upgrades for if you want Canary as more than just a self-monitoring device. It can be simply installed in any old home or apartment without much difficulty—but upgrading costs only $10 per month if one decides they need monitoring services too! 

The Canary home security system is excellent if you want to see what’s happening in your house. If not, then it may be a little too expensive for just motion and sound detection basics.

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