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The Best Jewelry Safes For Your Valuables

Setting goals is an effective way of getting things done, and one strategy that really increases your chances of reaching your goal is the promise of a reward. There is no better form of motivation than a new stunning jewelry set when you accomplish your goals.

However, your new jewelry set is also enticing to burglars. When it comes to the most stolen items during home burglaries, gold and expensive jewelry are at the top of the list. Despite being easily traceable, they still get sold fairly quickly due to fences. More than $100 million worth of jewelry is stolen annually in the US as 75% of homeowners do not have a home security system installed. 

It would be heartbreaking to have your precious jewelry stolen, but what would be more devastating is knowing you could’ve done something to prevent this. A jewelry safe is highly recommended to secure family heirlooms and expensive pieces at home. 

If you want to know more about the best jewelry safes for you, continue reading below.

What To Look For In A Jewelry Safe

There are several factors you must consider when choosing which kind of jewelry safe will be best for you. Failing to do so may end you up with a poorly designed safe that won’t be able to protect your valuables. 

Security And Safety Features

No residential safe is a hundred percent secure from theft. However, some excellent security features can deter and slow down most crooks. Premium jewelry safe has thick steel exteriors made up of 10 to 18-gauge steel to withstand threats from tools easily.  It is also desirable to have anti-pry edges, which are useful against crowbar attempts. More importantly, safes with built-in alarm systems and internal hinges are recommended as they have enhanced protection against theft.

Type Of Lock

Depending on your preferences, there are four types of locks for safes: digital keypad, manual keypad, manual combination code, and keys. For keys, we recommend that they should not be tubular as they are the easiest to hack. For digital keypads, always make sure your batteries are fully juiced up to avoid failure. Alternatively, you may go for a mechanical lock that functions like a digital keypad but does not require batteries. 

Fireproof And Waterproof Features

It is better to store your pieces of jewelry in a safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. Fireproof safes are equipped with several layers of fire-board that could withstand temperatures ranging from 1,200 ℉ to 1,700 ℉ for 30 minutes to an hour. Additionally, some of the fireproof safes are also rated as waterproof. They can endure being submerged 8 inches below water for 24 to 72 hours. 

Top Picks For Jewellery Safes

We’ve compiled a list of the best jewelry safes available in the market today. These safes have excellent durability and security while avoiding some red flags, such as insecure entry mode, lack of mounting holes and deadbolts, and poor quality upholstery. 

Barska White Jewelry Safe

Barska White Jewelry Safe

This model is one of the few luxury jewelry safes on the market today. Its two drawers inside have specialized compartments that allow you to organize your jewelry and expensive pieces. The Barska safe is close to being a hundred percent foolproof with its anti-pry door hinges, 3 steel deadbolts, and an 11 gauge steel exterior. Not only that, but it is also UL-rated fireproof for 30 minutes, capable of withstanding 1,400 °F. However, as this is a luxury jewelry safe, its price point is high, coming in at $1,359.99. 

TIGERKING Home Security Safe

TIGERKING Home Security Safe

Unlike other boring and lifeless safes, the TIGERKING safe is designed with aesthetics in mind. Aside from its gold trim theme, it is also equipped with an interior locking box to store your most precious jewelry behind a second locked section. TIGERKING has twice the storage capacity compared to other jewelry safes. In terms of security features, this safe is built with 5 mm thick steel and 6 live locking bolts. It also has a built-in alarm system that activates upon three incorrect code attempts. The TIGERKING Home Safe is relatively cheaper, with a price tag of $251.60.

AmazonBasics Security Safe Lock Box

AmazonBasics Security Safe Lock Box

If you are on a budget but still want to get high-quality jewelry safe, then AmazonBasics might be a great choice for you. It is relatively smaller compared to other safes, with a storage size of only 0.5 cubic feet. It also has live locking bolts and excellent pry-resistant concealed hinges. In addition, the AmazonBasics is equipped with mounting bolts and holes, allowing for easier mounting on walls and floors. However, due to its inexpensive price of only $59.24, this safe is not rated as fireproof. 

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