When To Have A Spotlight Camera

Last updated: October 1, 2023


External cameras were identified as the most critical component of a security system (32.3%). Motion sensors (28.6%) and floodlights/spotlights (24.5%) were found to be the next two most crucial components of a security alarm system.

Even when there is no lighting in your home at night, you can have peace of mind with a spotlight camera on guard. These devices will shine brightly and illuminate any dark places when any suspicious activity is detected, immediately eliminating any opportunity for burglars to sneak or break into your property.

Continue reading below to learn the basics of a spotlight camera and the circumstances that warrant purchasing one. 

What Is A Spotlight Camera

A spotlight camera is a surveillance device equipped with motion-activated lights that illuminates a dim area in your property and begins recording when any suspicious motion is detected. In general, spotlight security cameras sold in the market nowadays include battery-powered units as well as plugged-in wireless security cameras with motion lights.

Different Types Of Spotlight Cameras

Different Types Of Spotlight Cameras

Installing an outdoor spotlight camera for your garden, porch, or front door used to be a difficult task. These days, however, they’re becoming widely available — and most importantly — quite affordable. Here are some of the most common types of spotlight cameras:

Battery-Powered Spotlight Cameras

This type of spotlight camera is powered by quick-release rechargeable batteries, allowing you to easily install the cameras without the need for any professional hardwiring. Normally, the battery life of a spotlight camera can last up to several months, depending on actual use. However, we recommend using solar-powered spotlight cameras if you prefer constant power and don’t want to swap batteries occasionally. 

Spotlight Wi-Fi Cameras

These types of spotlight camera units typically connect to power outlets to receive power and transmit recorded footage wirelessly using Wi-Fi or other wireless technology. Keep in mind that you must install the wireless spotlight cameras within the Wi-Fi range of your router in order to ensure a clear picture and video transmission.

Additionally, you can use weather-resistant electrical boxes to conceal the wiring of your outdoor spotlight camera. This will prevent exposed wires from being damaged by the weather and tampered with by intruders. 

Aspects Of Spotlight CameraBattery-Operated Spotlight CamerasSpotlight Wi-Fi Cameras
Power SupplyBattery/Solar panelPlug-in adapters
Network ConnectionWi-FiWi-Fi
Brightness300 to 400 lumensUp to 1800 lumens

How Does A Spotlight Camera Work

How Does A Spotlight Camera Work

A spotlight video camera has built-in motion lights made of LED lights with varying brightness levels ranging from 300 lumens to a maximum of 1800 lumens.

The spotlight for the security camera is turned off throughout the day by default. At night, an outdoor spotlight camera activates its lights to illuminate a dark area and record footage when its motion sensors are triggered by heat signatures of moving objects. 

Some modern spotlight security cameras allow you to customize the spotlight settings to meet your specific needs, such as turning on or off the motion lights at certain periods, disabling the spotlights manually or using voice commands, and expanding or contracting the device’s motion detection zone.

When Should You Buy Spotlight Security Cameras

Are spotlight cameras suitable for home surveillance? Will they be worth every penny? When should you get them? The following sections may provide you with more clarity. 

Your Property’s Surveillance System Requires More Light 

If you require security cameras that can clearly record 24/7, it is best to install a spotlight security camera. 

During the night, spotlight security cameras outperform other security cameras with poor night vision since they come with built-in motion lights that can add more light and clarity to photos and videos. So, with the use of a spotlight camera, you will be able to see every detail clearly in low-light environments. 

Your Home Is Prone To Burglary, Theft, And Break-Ins

A home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Every 26 seconds, a break-in happens regardless of the neighborhood. Protect your residence by installing a spotlight security camera. This device combines the security features of a high-definition security camera, motion sensors, and bright motion spotlights.

Motion spotlights for security cameras are activated immediately when their motion sensors are triggered. The following circumstances may set off your spotlight camera:

  • Intruders or burglars attempting to break into your property
  • Illegal dumping
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Porch pirates trying to steal your package deliveries

Spotlight cameras are effective deterrents to unwelcome visitors. Burglars run away when they notice that your house has spotlight cameras installed. 

Your Surveillance System Requires Compatibility With Smart Home Devices

Unlike regular security cameras, spotlight cameras provide increased security and convenience. Modern spotlight cameras have integrated compatibility with voice-control home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows you to remotely control the motion lights of your spotlight camera by using voice commands. Some even have a smartphone app where all the controls and customization settings are made available. 

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