How Does Doorbell Camera Work?

Last updated: November 19, 2023


You’ll never have to wonder who’s at your doorstep with the use of a doorbell camera. Instead, you’ll be able to unlock your door from anywhere in the world using an integrated mobile app, seeing and speaking to your visitor as if you were physically present. While video doorbells, also known as doorbell cameras, are a relatively new product when compared to traditional CCTV cameras, they are gaining popularity. 

However, it is important to understand how these devices work in order to avoid choosing a doorbell camera that is unreliable and faulty. Read this article to learn how does doorbell camera work and the benefits of getting one for your home. 

What Are Video Doorbells?

What Are Video Doorbells

Video doorbells have a built-in camera that can help secure your home from package theft and burglary. They can be powered using either batteries (wireless) or hooked into an existing doorbell (hardwired). 

Modern video doorbells have smart features such as motion sensors, night vision, and real-time activity alerts via your smartphone. These devices also allow you to communicate with visitors using two-way audio feature, and record HD footage.

Why Should You Get A Doorbell Camera?

A doorbell camera is the epitome of “small but mighty.” Discrete yet packed with security features, this camera not only lets you see who’s at the door, but it can also provide you with information about who’s approaching your property. That’s a win for safety, and it’s also a win if you just want to conveniently verify the identity of the person knocking at your doorstep. 

What are some other advantages to installing a doorbell camera? Find out more below.

Know Who’s At The Door

Whether you’re in the basement, backyard, or at your desk at work, your doorbell camera will send you a quick alert through your smartphone. This will allow you to view who’s outside or who’s approaching using your property’s entrance. If they are an expected visitor, you can easily meet them at the door or let them in with a push of a button. If not, you can return to your work without drawing attention to yourself. 

Verify Your Visitor

Whether you’re at home or not, your doorbell camera allows you to communicate with the person at the door. Simply connect to your camera with your smartphone app and begin chatting. This is a great way to find out who—or what—the person is looking for without having to open the door. It’s also a good way to tell someone that you do not wish to accept any visitor at the time being.

Curb Porch Pirates

Porch thefts are unfortunately all too common. One in every four homeowner has been a victim of “porch pirates,” and the figures are significantly higher among millennials, who frequently shop online compared to older generations.

Regardless, more parcels are being stolen, and a doorbell camera could be an excellent device to help deter porch pirates. When a package is delivered, whether the doorbell rings or the delivery person simply drops and leaves, you’ll receive an alert. 

If someone else approaches your door, you’ll receive another alert and will be able to immediately access your camera to identify who it is. If it’s a possible burglar, you can scare them away using the doorbell’s two-way chat feature.

Track Your Family Arriving And Leaving

It’s also easier to monitor other family members’ movements throughout the day with a doorbell camera. Confirm that your teen was dropped off on time after practice, or find out when they arrived home yesterday night.

Having this camera in place provides instant peace of mind knowing everyone is where they should be at all times—the ultimate comfort for any parent.

How Do Doorbell Cameras Work

How Do Doorbell Cameras Work

Video doorbells function similarly to security cameras, recording and storing video footage, either during the day using infrared LED sensors or at night using a spotlight. They also have a built-in speaker and microphone that allows two-way communication. 

The recorded footage is stored either locally on a built-in microSD card or remotely via a cloud server. Some models do not have built-in storage, requiring a subscription plan to store footage in a cloud server.  

When visitors are within the range of the doorbell, the device detects their movement and notifies the homeowner’s mobile application, usually through a Wi-Fi connection. However, some doorbell cameras provide cellular or landline backup, which means they can function with cellular towers or phone cables. 

This feature is helpful as it allows the device to remain operational even during power outages. Newer models of doorbell cameras have incorporated other smart features, including:

  • AI detection — the camera distinguishes between a vehicle, a person, an animal, or a package and alerts the user correspondingly. 
  • Emergency services — contact 911 with a push of a button.
  • Intercom system integration — allows you to unlock the door remotely after verifying the identity of your visitor. 

Be it safety or convenience, doorbell cameras are one of the best types of smart home technology that you should have for your home. They work equally great as well as security cameras for apartments! Check out the top wireless camera doorbell in this Security Forward article.

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