How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh

Last updated: June 26, 2023


Before we delve into how much a gun safe weighs, it’s crucial to comprehend what a gun safe is. A gun safe is a secure storage container for firearms and ammunition. They are primarily designed to prevent access to unauthorized or unqualified persons, for burglary protection, and, in more capable safes, protection from fire damage.

A gun safe is more than just a protective case. It’s a responsible gun owner’s last line of defense against unauthorized access, protecting not only your firearms from theft but also your loved ones from potential accidents.

Different Types of Gun Safes

Gun safes span the spectrum from small handheld safes designed for a single pistol to massive vaults for multiple long guns. The variety is remarkable, each type tailored to a specific need or usage. Biometric safes, for example, provide quick and personalized access with a simple fingerprint scan, whereas combination safes rely on the traditional dial or digital inputs for access. 

Some gun safes have advanced features like fireproofing or tamper alerts, which provide extra protection for your firearms in case of a fire or attempted break-in. Moreover, construction materials differ, with some safes made from heavy-duty steel for optimal security, while others may use lighter-weight materials for easier portability. It’s important to remember that each of these aspects directly influences the weight of the gun safe, a critical factor to consider when making a purchase.

Factors Influencing The Weight Of Gun Safes

When estimating the weight of a gun safe, consider three key factors: its size, material construction, and additional features.

Size of the Gun Safe

The larger the safe, the more it’s likely to weigh. A small handgun safe can be as light as 20 pounds, while a large safe designed to hold multiple rifles could weigh hundreds or even over a thousand pounds.

Material Construction

A safe made from thick, high-grade steel will be heavier than thinner or less durable. Likewise, fireproof safes that include layers of fire-resistant materials will be heavier than those without.

Additional Features

Safes that incorporate additional features like internal lighting, dehumidifiers, or extra locking mechanisms may weigh more due to these additions.

Typical Weights of Gun Safes

Weights can vary widely based on the factors mentioned above, but here are some common ranges:

Handgun Safes

Handgun safes are typically the lightest, ranging from 20 to 50 pounds.

Rifle Safes

Rifle safes can vary quite a bit, ranging from 200 pounds for a lightweight model to over 1000 pounds for a large, fireproof model.

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes have an additional layer of fire-resistant material, making them heavier. They usually weigh between 500 and 2500 pounds, depending on size and fire rating.

Why The Weight of Your Gun Safe Matters

Security Considerations

A heavier safe is often harder to move, making it a less attractive target for thieves. On the other hand, if a safe is too light, it could be easily carried off. In addition, heavier safes tend to be more robust, offering increased resistance to attempts at forced entry or break-ins. Therefore, while a lighter safe might seem more convenient, it’s worth considering the potential compromise in security.

Installation and Movement

The weight of your gun safe also determines how difficult it will be to install or move. Heavier safes require professional installation or special equipment to move. Keep in mind the location of the safe is critical, and the weight can be a deciding factor. For instance, a heavier safe might not be suitable for upper-floor installations due to the load-bearing capacity of the floors. Also, if you plan on moving or relocating frequently, a lighter, more portable safe might be a more practical choice.


1. What is the average weight of a small gun safe? 

Small gun safes typically weigh between 20 and 50 pounds.

2. Why do fireproof safes weigh more? 

Fireproof safes are heavier due to the added fire-resistant material in their construction.

3. Does the weight of a gun safe affect its security? 

Yes, a heavier safe is often harder to move, making it a less attractive target for thieves.

4. How much does a large, fireproof gun safe typically weigh? 

Large, fireproof gun safes can weigh between 500 and 2500 pounds, depending on size and fire rating.

5. Do I need professional help to move a heavy gun safe? 

Heavier safes may require professional help or special equipment to move safely and securely.


The weight of a gun safe can vary significantly based on its size, construction materials, and additional features. However, regardless of the weight, owning a gun safe is a vital aspect of responsible gun ownership. It offers security and peace of mind, knowing your firearms are protected.

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