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Top Home Security Systems: Low Budget Edition

Are you looking for some reasonable home security cameras that are best in function yet very affordable? In this article, we have penned down top home security systems low budget. So let’s start!

Kangaroo: Budget Pick

Kangaroo is the most affordable security system on our list- all of their devices are less than $30. A low price does not mean that they are subpar! Kangaroo’s equipment feels innovative and fresh, with a monitoring plan of only $10 per month. We also like that Kangaroo includes theft protection for packages up to 1 thousand dollars in value. The downside? All clips from this doorbell camera are animated GIFs so you’ll need to purchase extra storage if you want video footage instead.

Abode: Best for Smart Homes

Abode is stuck into our hearts because it is continually improving its smart home offerings are well-enough to outclass big security companies.

Most budget security companies have limited their smart home ambitions to some famous platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but Abode throws in Apple Z-Wave, HomeKit, and Zigbee for good measure. No other company offers what they do at this price point while still effectively protecting homes from intruders or fires alike – making them the perfect choice for potential customers on a budget who want something more than just an alarm system! 

The Abode Iota’s built-in security camera makes it the perfect choice for any home with a tight budget and big dreams. Not only does this system offer easy, affordable, and reasonable video surveillance that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer – but also features smart technology like motion sensors and window alarms to give you peace of mind. You can also take a look at our top rated wireless home security cameras.


SimpliSafe: Best Monitoring


is your best bet for a security system that doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s perfect if you’re looking to keep things simple and not have any distractions from the main goal: protecting your home. This company offers a no-frills monitoring service with contracts or other strings attached, so it really does what you need without the extra hassle!

We like that SimpliSafe is running its own monitoring centers rather than making a contract with some third party. They also offer mobile app controls, but they’re restricted for those who pay $25/month. However, it’s disappointing that the company doesn’t include them in their cheaper plan at only $15 monthly; still, we appreciate how much of an emphasis on privacy and security is put into this device by offering such features without requiring customers to spend more money- even though these might not be as high quality or necessary depending on what level you want your home safety system to achieve.


Will SimpliSafe work if the internet is down?

SimpliSafe’s Base Station is well-equipped with a backup rechargeable battery supply that is going to keep your base station powered for the whole day. This means in the event of an unforeseen power outage, SimpliSafe doesn’t need WiFi and can continue to function over cellular networks like some other security systems might not be able to!

Can you monitor SimpliSafe from your phone?

SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan allows you to control your home security system from anywhere, receive alerts and live video feeds on the go.

Is a home security system worth it?

A home security system is not good if no one pays attention to it. That’s why you need to consider professional monitoring, which while the least expensive option may not be the best one for family safety.

Do cameras deter burglars?

Security cameras are an effective way to deter and reduce burglaries. If you install a security camera, your home is 300% safer than homes without them because criminals don’t want to be watched or recorded- this keeps us safe!

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