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5 Best Security Practices for Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems That Your Staff Should Follow

It may be preferable to install business intercoms or a telephone entry system in your facility to increase corporate security, simplify door access control, and improve visitor management. An intercom system enables administrators to see or communicate with visitors at the door from a distance. 

Visitors must wait for the administrators to answer the call after pressing the buzzer button on the intercom panel. Before determining whether to grant access, administrators can confirm visits via voice-over messaging or video chat. 

Here are some of the best practices for intercoms and telephone entry systems that your staff should follow:

Communicate Consistently

It becomes increasingly challenging to keep your voice and tone constant as your organization grows in size. A company-style manual ensures that your brand communication has a consistent style. It will keep the communication more streamlined and effective towards providing better services.

Ensure Your Communication is Relevant and Direct

One of the fundamental rules of communication is that if you try to connect with everyone, you’ll wind up connecting with no one. It is vital to ensure your message is targeted and appropriate for the customer if you want to make an impact and foster brand loyalty. 

It also helps in avoiding wasting time. Your communication becomes immediately clearer when you are direct and concise. Clarity makes your message simpler to comprehend, easier to remember, and more pleasurable to engage with, which pleases your audience. 

Poor communication causes stress and conflict in addition to being a hindrance. What one person may perceive as direct communication may be perceived by another as aggressiveness. Workshops on communication techniques are excellent for promoting self-awareness regarding your unique communication styles. 

They can also assist staff members in developing better listening abilities, handling conflict, and having sensitive dialogues about sensitive topics.

Stay on Topic

It can be helpful to ensure that the individuals on the other end of the intercom are knowledgeable about the subject. It is essential to note that this could imply that more product or technical expertise training is needed or that it has to be made clear when it would be best to redirect the individual to someone who can assist them.

Checking Live Video Footage or Photos of Visitors

Video surveillance systems have long been the mainstream technology for security although technology and the applications it supports have greatly advanced over time. Its importance in the commercial sector, manufacturing facilities, numerous office kinds, and diverse events cannot be disputed. Cameras are not used in telephone entry systems. The quantity of data required to transmit live images via a telephone connection is too high.

Staff and building employees cannot, therefore, check who is being allowed to enter the facility. It can be beneficial to choose an intercom system that facilitates this. It can be highly beneficial to research telephone entry systems to find the appropriate option for you. 

It is crucial for your staff to always check the live video footage and photos of visitors. It helps you ensure the general security of your premises but also helps your staff improve communication and ensure visitors receive the services they require.

Take your Visitors’ Cultural Influences into Account

It can lead to many issues when misconceptions occur because what is appropriate for specific individuals is not always suitable for others. Many consumers value speed and efficiency and want to get ideal for business. However, some customers would rather essentially talk for a short period to establish a brief personal connection and establish trust before moving on to the main objective of the conversation. 

When you are on the other end of the line, refrain from imitating the person’s accent or utilizing dialect specific to your client’s location or culture. Many individuals view a fake accent as disrespectful, deceptive, insincere, and disingenuous.

With a video intercom system that makes visitor access clear, you can maximize your company’s safety. Simple voice-over intercoms rely on admins to identify visitors based solely on their voice. 

Admins may view visitors on a monitor or smartphone before inviting them in, thanks to visual intercoms that pair with surveillance cameras, as opposed to audio-only systems. Cameras capture time-stamped film of every event at the door, enabling property managers to keep track of visitor admission.

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