Paid Paranoia; 13 Tips on Hiring Security Experts

Last updated: January 24, 2022


Hiring professional security experts is essential for businesses to manage security issues effectively. Keeping your company and its data safe is a top priority for all organizations, with no room for error.

When you set out to hire the best security experts to handle your security issues, there are many factors to consider. We are here to help you with that, bringing in the security experts for weighing in with their practical tips;

1. Base on Your Risk Factors

“Two main types of security experts you can hire, depending on your risk factors, are risk assessment consultants and executive protection agents. Most businesses and high-net-worth individuals should commission a risk assessment, which ideally identifies and prioritizes your risks based on your threats, vulnerabilities, and the impacts of those threats. 

“For example, HNWs should consider a risk assessment of their residence(s). Executive protection agents can be hired for personal or business special events (e.g., weddings, travel, or shareholder meetings) and during times of increased threats (for example, stalking or threats against executives and or their family members). 

“Based on our analysis, there were about a dozen threats/plots and successful attacks against business leaders in the U.S. last year.”

Campbell, Certified Protection Professional, Board Certified in Security Management Certified Business Continuity Professional Blue Glacier Security & Intelligence LLC

2. Identify The Problem—then Solve It!

“Find someone who knows how to solve a problem. There is a significant gap between identifying and fixing a problem. True cybersecurity specialists must be able to detect problems, possible threats, and dangers as they weave their way through a network architecture on a regular basis. However, this is only half of the struggle. Working to close security gaps in an organization’s strategy necessitates a high level of focused investigation and evaluation. 

“To address complicated and sophisticated situations, your cybersecurity experts must demonstrate excellent expertise. If your cybersecurity expert is simply highlighting problems and not assisting you  in resolving them, your company may need to address a new problem: finding a more efficient security specialist.”

Lee Grant, CEO at Wrangu

3. Start with a Skills Assessment Test.

“Before sitting for an interview, you should do a technical evaluation or exam to have a fundamental understanding of the candidate. Furthermore, the test will eliminate all but the finest prospects. In addition, focus on the skills instead of certificates.”

Olivia Tan, Co-founder CocoFax

4. Strong Communication Skills

“Strong communication skills are critical when hiring security personnel. Although armed security experts can use weapons during emergencies, excellent communication can help prevent significant conflict.” (Samuel Klein)

5. Check License and Insurance

“Ensure the experts have required licenses and insurances. While this is obvious, it is imperative to check. For instance, when looking at risks posed by dogs, you want personnel with adequate training to handle the dogs well.” (Samuel Klein)

6. Research The Security Experts You Are Hiring

“You are entrusting someone with your security and that of your asset. Therefore, it is vital to check the opinions of previous or current clients of the security firm you plan to hire. Find out their experience. They should be well-equipped to handle your tasks.” (Samuel Klein)

7. Go For Specialized Services 

“Consider the kind of security you need. Do you want experts suited for ranch detail or preventing retail loss? Firms specialized in ground patrol are ideal for the latter, while armed personnel can adequately curb retail loss. Whether it’s event security or dignitary protection, ensure the experts you hire are up to the job.” (Samuel Klein)

8. Budget

“Once several security firms satisfy your professional and social skills, also factor in your budget. You want an experienced and properly-trained team at a reasonable expense. Consider the number of security personnel you need and the duration you will need them.”

Samuel Klein, Security Consultant Astorchocolate

9. Recruiting Candidates From a Non-traditional Background

“Hiring someone with internal mobility helps fill the gap, which can further fill the security gap and present new challenges for your employees. Recruiting security personnel from a non-typical background helps provide your company with fresh perspectives and security understandings.” (Felix Maberly)

10. Hiring Curious Candidates About Security Improvement and Security Generally

“These are individuals who’ve grown far and beyond working with money in mind other than getting the job done. These are curious individuals who will daily seek to improve your security. Therefore while hiring, you can come up with questions like their previous discoveries while offering protection or what they plan to offer your company should you hire them.” (Felix Maberly)

11. Preventing Outflow of Top-Notch Talents

“While hiring new experts, don’t get, so hell bent on hiring and forget to retain the professionals you already have. Please ensure that you learn proactive steps that help sustain the current security experts or achieve what you intend with new ones.” (Felix Maberly)

12. Flexible Work Arrangement

“Attracting top-notch security experts requires you to go out of your way to offer a comfortable working environment. In your fetching process, ensure you have a flexible work arrangement.” (Felix Maberly)

13. Have Various Development and Learning Opportunities

“There’s room for improvement in any expert out there. Most experts have confidence in their skills, but they could use some challenges. Make sure your company possesses some challenges and learning opportunities.”

Felix Maberly, Security Expert Tiger Supplies

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