3 Reasons Why A Company Should Invest In Physical Security

Last updated: January 21, 2022


With more and more companies shifting data and information to cloud services, physical security is often overlooked. However, this is just as crucial for a company. 


Investing in physical security will help a company protect its assets, networks, software, facilities, equipment, IT infrastructures,  and confidential information. It encompasses measures like alarms, surveillance cameras, gates, etc. 


Here are three reasons why a company should be investing in physical security:

1. Deter Criminal Activity 

This is arguably the most important and apparent reason to invest in physical security. Businesses that utilize security systems, e.g., visible surveillance cameras, etc., are less likely to be targeted by criminals than those that do not invest in surveillance tools.


Some physical security systems also promptly notify authorities in case of break-ins or any other criminal emergency. This helps in decreasing the severity of the criminal activity. 

2. Employee Safety

Physical security systems also help make employees feel secure at work, especially in cases where the employee works on odd hours or has a late shift. A high-quality physical system will send out an alert in case the employee is in any danger. This provides comfort to employees at work. 

3. Save Money 

Many insurance companies give discounts in premiums to businesses using surveillance tools to deter criminal incidents. Some even assist the business with the cost of purchasing a good security system. Surveillance footage is also helpful as evidence and ensures that your claim is processed and paid in full. 


A physical security system should be maintained and managed correctly for full benefits. With the right physical security planning and setup, any space can become secure. 

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