Why is Application Monitoring Important for Your Company’s Cybersecurity?

Last updated: August 4, 2022


The threat of a breach is always hanging over modern businesses, and the aspect which exacerbates this state of affairs is the number of potential points of vulnerability that exist.

From internal networks and on-site resources to remotely hosted IT assets and beyond, organizations have to stay on top of a lot of areas in order to ensure security is preserved.

Application monitoring is a useful tool in this context, as it aims to oversee the various software solutions that you rely on to remain productive and identify problems ASAP.

Let’s look at the cybersecurity benefits of application monitoring and the scenarios in which it will defend against malicious incursions.

Proactive Alerting Warns You About Issues With Your Application That Could Be The Result Of A Hack

First and foremost, you need to recognize that dealing with the different cyber security threats of the digital age is not something you can afford to do passively.

If a breach attempt is successful and goes undetected, it can do untold damage to your systems and also hurt your reputation.

It’s far better to be proactive in scrutinizing performance and highlighting flaws because this will be an early warning system that makes breach detection a breeze.

There are lots of monitoring solutions designed to do just that. Take ScoutAPM: Get performance insights for your Ruby, PHP, Python, and Elixir apps in less than four minutes! This kind of comprehensive coverage is invaluable in the fight against cybercrime and means that even apps you’ve developed in-house don’t need to be left exposed to third-party exploitation.

Furthermore, with proactive alerting, you can automate a lot of the process of protecting your app, rather than needing to be constantly vigilant through manual methods. If you’ve got a baseline for normal performance, spotting anomalies is straightforward, whether they’re the result of a hack or a bug in the code that needs troubleshooting in any case to restore normal operations.

Monitoring Makes Business Continuity More Achievable

The disruption that comes about when an attack takes place is incredibly damaging for businesses of all sizes. Productivity will be hampered, deadlines can be missed, and the fallout could be difficult or even impossible to recover from.

It’s better to make sure that continuity of mission-critical operations is achievable, bridging the gap if any downtime occurs or stopping outages from happening in the first place.

With application monitoring in place, you get round-the-clock coverage of core software solutions. As a result, any continuity complications can be kept to a minimum or prevented altogether.

Even if a breach occurs, with monitoring services alerting you to this, fixes can be found and functionality restored without end-users even being aware that anything was wrong.

Apis Can Be Integrated And Observed Appropriately

Being able to harness third-party APIs as part of your apps is very convenient and can enhance the capabilities of your in-house projects without needing all of the development work and data to take place internally.

However, there are risks that come with relying on APIs which aren’t directly under your control, and you don’t want issues with authentication to go unnoticed, giving attackers a back door into your systems that you cannot close.

Once again, application monitoring rides to the rescue here, enabling APIs to be integrated and observed from moment to moment so that any untoward behavior is picked up on in a jiffy. Thus you’ll be empowered to act when attempts at subversion are discovered while still getting the full benefit of an API you choose to use as well.

Weaknesses Can Be Identified On Day One

Lastly, the latest and greatest app monitoring platforms are able to scour your software and weed out vulnerabilities that you may not have spotted yourself.

This allows you to patch problems as soon as they are brought to your attention, rather than only knowing that you’ve got an issue when it has already been exploited by cybercriminals.

All of this should convince companies that it is a good idea to take application monitoring seriously. The advantages are multifaceted, and the downsides of not keeping tabs on your apps are significant.

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